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Nightlife in Tenerife can be divided into two distinct types.

You can go to a nightclub, where there is live entertainment or maybe a show...or you can go "clubbing", to a late night venue, featuring DJs where you can dance the night away and generally let your hair down. As they are two totally different forms of nightlife, "Clubbing" has been given a seperate category of its own.

You can go to a nightclub, where there is live entertainment or maybe a show...or you can go "clubbing", to a late night venue, featuring DJs where you can dance the night away and generally let your hair down. As they are two totally different forms of nightlife, "Clubbing" has been given a seperate category of its own.

There follows a selection of live entertainment venues in the south of the island. It's likely that I've not included every single one that exists, so, if you're a bar owner whose bar isn't featured and you would like it added, feel free to contact me, via the "feedback" button on the navigation bar.
NB: your bar must feature live entertainment.

Similarly, things change frequently in Tenerife, so, if any of the details below and on the pages they link to are now inaccurate, I let me know and I'll put it right.


  • Costamar Poolside Terrace
    Once featuring, every Sunday afternoon, a relaxed event with guest artistes and bingo. Now the home for Legends Snooker & Pool Bar.
  • Charly Bar
    Live music, seven nights a week
  • Market Tavern
    Situated in the Paloma Beach strip, this British bar features live entertainment on Wednesdays and Sundays
  • The Polygon
    Also on the Paloma Beach strip, a drinks-only bar featuring karaoke hosting and a few songs of his own from my old mate, Terry Paul.
  • D'Arcos
    Now called "Frankie's", featuring different shows every night
  • Manhattan Bar
    A sports and entertainment bar, also providing food
  • Dreamers
    Owned by the drummer from Freddie and the Dreamers - featuring a live duo every night
  • Irish Times
    Situated above Dreamers Bar, this Irish venue is rated by many customers as the best night out in Los Cristianos. Features resident duo playing Irish music.
  • O' Flaherty's
    Closed down
  • Amigos Bar
    Found on the sea front down by the harbour, this bar/restaurant has had a few changes of personel over the last six months, but, as far as I know, now features Simon May, one-time member of the band Crush, seven nights a week.
  • Lewinski's
    Found on the corner at the traffic lights in Los Cristianos centre, this is a stylish restaurant, offering food and drink at very reasonable prices, plus live music at night.
  • Pa Broons
    Found in the Parque Margarita complex, opposite Summerland, this small bar has been sold and reopened under the name Buddies. As far as I know, it doesn't feature live entertainment.
  • Swan Inn
    A bar/restaurant very popular with returning holidaymakers (and some locals). Catering, let's say, for the more senior customer, it presents live entertainment nightly, featuring, amongst others, veteran Tenerife entertainer, Linda Day.
  • Restaurante Margarita
    A fine restaurant situated on the other side of Buddies, featuring class cabaret every night.
  • Merry Monk
    Over on the far right corner of the Apolo Centre, this British-run bar provides fine cabaret entertainment seven nights a week.
  • Claddagh Bar
    Situated at San Telmo, this is an out-and-out Irish bar, with entertainment provided by the boss, from Galway.
  • Bar 39
    Situated in the Oasis del Sur area, this bar is the residency of the excellent music and comedy duo, Kracka. Guest cabaret is also featured.
  • Summer Nites
    It appears that both Summer Nites and Summer Days have ceased to exist, their former premises now being a restaurant.
  • O'Jangles
    Also in Oasis del Sur, this Irish bar, only opening in 2009, features quality live entertainment seven nights a week.
  • Shambles Bar
    Found up the hill behind Los Cristianos, this primarily karaoke bar also features some live entertainment, notably excellent band "Crush" on Wednesdays.
  • Harveys Bar
    Right next door to Shambles Bar, this bar, although heavily featuring karaoke, also presents quality live entertainment throughout the week.
  • Jaqelz
    The one-time Taylor Made Music bar, now under new management and name, this cabaret bar was once up the hill behind Los Cristianos. It appears, now, to be no more.
  • Thistle & Dragon
    Formerly Danni's Bar, this has reincarnated under the management of Darren and Linda, providing both live entertainment and karaoke
  • Beverly Hills Club
    A very stylish complex up in the heights behind Los Cristianos, offering live entertainment nightly
  • Los Claveles
    A timeshare complex, up the hill behind Los Cristianos, where I worked regular Saturday nights for a time
  • Chill Out Bar
    More a restaurant (wheelchair-friendly, too), situated right down on the seafront, overlooking Las Vistas beach, it features live music with pianist Kenny G, every night.
  • The President Chicken King
    This restaurant (as far as I'm aware) features live music three nights a week.
  • Raffles
    A bar/restaurant once found in the Apolo Centre at the top of Los Cristianos. It doesn't appear to be there anymore.
  • Heritage Bar
    British run bar in the San Marino complex near the traffic lights in Los Cristianos centre. Features some live music.
  • Cheers Bar
    Closed down.
  • The Church
    Once a cabaret bar, hosted by my mate, Terry Paul, now, after an incarnation as an Indian restaurant, is now a venue called "Oliver's Bar". It doesn't appear to feature live music.
  • Chicago's
    This long-standing bar is now a restaurant - a Spanish one.

nightlife in tenerife


The Patch

  • Drunk N Duck
    For many years, this venue featured the excellent resident duo, Two Risky, consisting of Terry and Steve. Sadly, in November 2013, Steve passed away after a brief battle with cancer. I'm unsure of the present entertainment situation.
  • Brewers Droop
    A family bar with host and compere Graham Gold.
  • Shenanigans
    Fun bar, featuring superb resident duo "Loony Tunes", plus a selection of comperes and a variety of top Tenerife cabaret acts.
  • Sax Bar
    On your left as you walk down Patch towards the ocean, in recent years featuring live music of a "heavy metal" nature. (No saxophones!)
  • Blaydon Races
    A very popular cabaret bar featuring a resident compere - a drag act - and guest cabaret
  • Princess Di's
    This well-known Patch bar is no more, I'm afraid. Apparently, it is now a Finnish-run bar, called Kippi's!
  • Central Station
    A family-friendly bar with resident compere and guest cabaret
  • Patch Bar
    This is the large bar on the corner at the top of Patch. Italian run, with Italian live music
  • Dubliner
    Bar situated under the Las Palmeras Hotel, near Patch. Guess what sort of pub it is! Brilliant three piece band in residence
  • Gaelic Corner
    Another Irish themed pub, upstairs from the Dubliner, with a keyboard player in residence
  • The Full Monty
    This large venue is situated at the top corner of Patch, on the right.
  • The Stage Door
    Tucked away under some steps on the left just down from the main road is this, theoretically, members only bar. It's where a lot of the Tenerife entertainers go after they finish and some of them will get up on stage and do an impromptu spot
  • Crystals Palace
    The new venue of outrageous drag artiste, Crystal Starr.
  • Cafe De Paris
    A very large, Spanish run venue right at the bottom left corner of Patch, overlooking the sea, offering nightly entertainment.
  • Hereford Bull
    Found in "City Centre", just over the road from Patch, this bar features different quality acts each night.
  • Railway Tavern
    Found on the main road at the top of Patch, to the right as you face down it (past The Full Monty), this compact bar is an out-and-out British pub which may feature comedians two nights a week.
  • Gangsters
    Closed down
  • Beavers
    Closed down
  • Britannia
    Closed down

nightlife in tenerife

Parque La Paz

There is a strip of bar/restaurants attached to the Parque La Paz aparthotel, most providing entertainment.

  • Coconut Joe's
    The first bar/restaurant from the main road and one I worked in as compere for a good while just before I returned to the UK
  • The Bull's Head
    The next bar along, serving drinks only. A larger venue, featuring an excellent live band (with real drums!)
  • Brahms and Liszt
    A large bar that has been described as having a "working men's club" atmosphere. (For those of you not from the UK, I'm sorry, that won't mean anything.) Entertainment nightly
  • Soul Suite
    Late cabaret venue featuring Tenerife's best soul singers
  • Highland Paddy
    Occupying the premises of the old George and Dragon bar, this pub has switched allegiance from England to Ireland
  • Hole In The Wall
    An Irish bar with resident musician plus guest cabaret
  • Frankie's Music Bar
    Formerly Lazy Daze, this is yet another cabaret bar - it also features the dreaded karaoke!
  • The Corner Bar
    At the bottom end of the La Paz strip, with a large outdoor terrace, presenting class acts nightly

nightlife in tenerife

Las Americas Town Centre

  • The Anchor
    Occupying the premises that used to be Escala, this British-run bar/restaurant features a resident duo, plus guest acts.
  • Jersey Cow
    Just up the road from the Anchor, on the other side, is this cabaret bar offering different acts nightly.
  • Chieftain
    Just round the corner from the Jersey Cow, this Irish bar features live traditional music every night.
  • Magic Bar
    Found at the Piramide de Arona, on Avenida de Las Americas, this is a very upmarket bar, attached to a stylish club of the same name. Live music five nights.

nightlife in tenerife

Between Patch and Starco

  • Leonardo's
    On the road from Patch, almost as far as Starco, you'll find this "entertainment and sports bar". Features resident duo "Loaded".
  • La Karina
    This restaurant is found on the main road from Patch to Starco. Features live entertainment from duo Graham and Robert.
  • La Karina 2
    On a walkway between Avenida Antonio Dominguez and Avenida de Las Americas, also featuring live music every night.


  • Murphy's Bar
    In the block behind Starco you'll find this Irish bar with entertainment provided by Irish recording artist Michael Graham.
  • Fitzpatrick's Bar
    Closed down.
  • Wigan Pier
    Not to be confused with "The Original Wigan Pier", which is in Torviscas, this bar is a few doors down from Lineker's Bar. As far as I know, entertainment is still being compered by drag artist Crystal Starr and features guest cabaret every night. N.B. This venue may have closed down.
  • Vivo
    Previously called "Chasers" and "Bonkers", this fun pub next to the Starco block features live duo Wild Boyz.
  • Withespoons
    A venue featuring four-piece indie band Prozac Nation every night from midnight till late.

nightlife in tenerife

Between Veronicas and Pueblo Canario

  • Palm Beach Club
    The largest timeshare complex in Europe, this massive building houses a large room with a stage for evening entertainment. When I worked there, I was part of a resident duo and there were acts on too, some nights.
  • Banana Garden
    Situated in a basement location attached to Palm Beach Club, on the seafront, featuring Spanish style music.
  • Drop Inn
    Just across the street from Palm Beach Club is this cabaret bar, compered by guitar/vocalist Ricky Menzies, who introduces a different act every night.

Pueblo Canario

  • Celts Tavern
    This bar is found on the upper level of Centro Comercial Bouganville Playa. For many years it has been a venue for line dancing.
  • Garden City pool bar
    Situated at San Eugenio, this venue used to feature a compere and guest cabaret every night, but, as far as I know, not any more.
  • Legends (formerly Crooked Spire)
    Closed down.

nightlife in tenerife

San Eugenio

  • St Eugen's
    Fun pub with award winning compere Ray Wilde at the helm. Features two cabarets each night.
  • Irish Fiddler
    Providing live music every night.
  • Temple Bar
    Very stylish Irish bar featuring Irish duo Rogue Traders.
  • Garfield's
    With no web presence, this bar has been very difficult to find information on, but I understand it features different live acts every night.
  • Rumpot
    This long established bar has evening entertainment compered by Steve "Taff" Martin, from Wales (obviously). He introduces top acts nightly.
  • Pheasant Plucker
    Live entertainment every night, hosted by Craig Shaw.
  • Wali Haii
    Features, four nights a week, compere Titch Cooper. Guest cabaret three nights.
  • Irish Rover
    Traditional Irish bar with compere Stacy Rock, from Dublin, introducing different acts nightly.
  • O'Reilly's
    Details are sketchy, but this bar might have closed down.
  • The Theatre
    Compered by outrageous drag act, Roxy Risque, this bar features some live cabaret.

nightlife in tenerife

Puerto Colon

  • Colon Beach
    Bar/restaurant featuring evening entertainment with boy/girl duo Innuendo every night, plus a selection of guest cabaret.
  • Irish Rose
    As far as I know, live acts several times a week.
  • Monaco Restaurant
    Seafront bar/restaurant featuring country and western guitar/vocalist Little Joe every night.
  • O'Brien's
    Live Irish music every night. (No further information than that, I'm afraid).
  • Hoppers Bar
    Closed down


  • Moonlight Bar
    A fun pub situated down near the beachfront. Live acts through the week, but also a prominence of karaoke.
  • AJ's Bar None
    Closed down.
  • Amanda's
    This large, Spanish-owned bar has been going for years and, as far as I know, still features different cabaret every night.
  • 44 Regent Street
    Restaurant/cabaret bar situated inside Sunset Harbour, with compere Shaun Carling introducing different cabaret nightly.
  • The Admiral Nelson
    Occupying the premises of what was the Crazy Frog, this Bistro and Bar only opened in September, 2011 and features live entertainment in the evenings.

nightlife in tenerife


  • Capriccio
    Restaurant and bar providing live entertainment every night.
  • In and Out Bar
    Beachfront bar that used to feature superb heavy rock band Soundchaser every night. They have now left the venue.
  • Motown Diner
    Once known as "Motown Magic", this beachfront restaurant still offers live entertainment nightly, with the accent, naturally, on Motown!


  • La Finca del Arte
    Quite a cool place, featuring an art gallery and bistro. Live music one night a week, plus Sunday afternoons, with the accent on jazz.

nightlife in tenerife


  • Jimmy's
    I am aware that this bar/restaurant may feature live entertainment, but can find no further information. If anyone associated with this venue can help, via "feedback", that would be great.
  • Grandee O'Donnell
    Irish bar presenting live entertainment most nights.
  • Wild Geese
    Sister bar to Grandee O'Donnell, this is also Irish, featuring live entertainment.
  • The Palms Pool Bar
    Found inside The Palms resort, featuring live music several nights a week.
  • Volare Cabaret Showbar
    Only opening in 2009, this stylish bar has two comperes introducing a selection of top acts.
  • San Blas Top Square
    An large open air area surrounded by bars and restaurants, who, I assume, club together to pay for the cabaret. There is usually an act on every night.


  • Premier Bar
    Presenting live music nightly.
  • Terrace Bar
    Featuring live entertainment three nights a week, plus Sunday afternoons.
  • The Palms
    Part of the Fairways Club complex, with some live entertainment.

nightlife in tenerife


  • Flicks Bar
    Situated right on the seafront (and I mean right on the seafront), this bar offers cabaret through the week, plus Sunday afternoons.
  • Starlights Cabaret Showbar
    Found on the lower level of Coral Mar Square, featuring live cabaret.
  • Lucky Leprechaun
    An Irish bar (obviously), with live music from Mark, formerly half of the duo "Celtic Confusion" - and his dad!
  • Albatros Bar
    This smallish bar, apparently, features some live music a couple of times a week.
  • Joe's Bar
    Right next door to the Albatros, last time I looked, it had a few acts on through the week.
  • Exiles
    This smallish British bar doesn't have a regular entertainment schedule, but may feature live acts every now and then.


  • Vai Moana
    Found by the harbour at the far end, near El Fraile, this very stylish bar features such diverse live musical styles as jazz, reggae, soul and flamenco.
  • Brujas
    Situated just before El Fraile on the main road from Guaza, this restaurant/pub features live bands till very late.


  • Underground Rock Pub
    A cool venue in a cool town. Featuring fully live bands regularly.
    NB This venue may have closed down.
  • Manfred's Soul Cafe
    Situated on Calle Jose Miguel Galvan Bello, running along the seafront at the eastern end of town, this laid back venue may feature (quiet) live bands on some occasions.


  • Pearly Grey
    Actually called Perla Gris, or "Grey Pearl", its Spanish name has been anglicized into Pearly Grey. A large hotel which presents live acts most nights.
  • Tropical Park Resort
    Presenting different acts nightly.



  • Route 66
    Live music every night, with duo/trio "Old Dogs New Tricks" providing five of them.
  • Courtyard
    Nice, compact, British-run bar, with entertainment nightly.
  • Blarney Stone
    Traditional Irish bar with entertainment six nights.

nightlife in tenerife


If you want to take things up a notch, entertainment-wise, Tenerife has venues where you can see full-blown musical shows.

There are four main ones.

  • Exit Palace
    Situated in San Eugenio, this large venue has two rooms that can, between them, accommodate 1,100 people. Musical shows are presented regularly. NB This venue may have closed down.
  • Showtime
    A venue found at Karting Las Americas, just by junction 78 of the TF-1 motorway, presenting musical extravaganzas.
  • Piramide de Arona
    This imposing edifice in Las Americas presents musicals on a regular basis.
  • History - the Musical
    A spectacular show occurring twice a week at the Magma Arts and Congress building in Adeje.

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