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Sport in Tenerife plays a major role and there is an extremely varied selection to choose from, whether in the role of spectator or participant.

golf surf football


Golf is a major presence in Tenerife, there being a total of eight courses actually on the island and a ninth on the neighbouring island of La Gomera (which can be reached via a 40 minute ferry ride).


A major pastime on the island, with many surf spots to be found, ranging from beginner level to advanced.

WINDSURFING (and kitesurfing)

Other activities connected with water form an important section of Tenerife sport and these two are practised by many people, both serious participants and holidaymakers.


SCUBA diving is practised extensively all over the island, with many diving schools and numerous opportunities to either explore the wrecks of sunken ships in full SCUBA gear, or, if you want something a little less demanding, surveying the shallows with a spot of snorkelling.


A very popular activity in Tenerife, with ideal weather conditions and beautiful scenery to fly over!

FOOTBALL (soccer)

Soccer is very popular in Tenerife, with the Spanish Football League (La Liga) being followed avidly. Tenerife has its own team, CD Tenerife and the natives track its fortunes as closely as any of their counterparts in the UK.


Tennis is also very popular on the island, with a selection of tennis clubs dotted throughout. Many of the better hotels also feature good standard courts, sometimes with their own tennis coach.


Swimming, of course, is enjoyed by all holidaymakers, but it also exists as a serious sport for professionals, as well as water polo, synchronised swimming and long distance "open water" swimming.


There is a good number of horse riding centres throughout Tenerife, so, wherever you're staying on the island, there should be one near you.


Very popular with the more senior holidaymakers and residents, bowling centres can be found at three seperate locations on the island.


Whether relaxed inland fishing, or the open-water, deep sea variety, Tenerife has it.


A rapidly growing sport in Tenerife, for both men's and women's teams.


Prevalent in schools, this sport also has various leagues in Spain and includes one Tenerife team.


Spain also has a baseball circuit and Tenerife's baseball club is one of the more successful within it.


Car rallies are held at various times of the year throughout the island and the championship extends to include some of the other islands, too.


This rough-terrain bike sport can be both tried and watched at a motocross centre near San Miguel de Abona.


CANARIAN WRESTLING - "lucha canaria"

A type of wrestling similar to that found in west Africa, this sport is represented on Tenerife by numerous teams and has its own league.


A Canarian martial art, using sticks.


This is simply the Canarian version of the games of boules or petanque.

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