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Welcome to the Tenerife Information Centre Sponsor This Site page. The intent is to take the concept of advertising on this site a step further.

I hope to create a group of ads for excellent businesses, ads that are worthy of being placed in the right column. It is a sort of "elitist" club, if you like and, as such, can feature only one business from any given category. It will, therefore, be served on a first come, first served basis.

As you can see, I've set up the right column to sort of demonstrate how your ads would appear. The earlier you apply, the more likely it is that your ad will appear above the fold.

These ads are "elitist", because, being in the right column, they will appear on every page. Wherever a potential customer enters the site, s/he'll see your ad.  

Although there are only two examples shown, there are actually four options:

Option 1 is a basic text link, which will contain a link to your website, plus any "blurb" about your business you care to supply. Should your business not have a website, then an email address and/or phone number can be included instead.

Option 2 is the same as Option 1, except that the link on it will open a new page on the TIC dedicated solely to your business. You may provide all the copy for this (which I reserve the right to edit), a small selection of images and the page will contain a contact form which will go straight to you, plus a website link and other contact details.

Option 3 has the same features as 1, but is a banner. The html for this must be provided by you (no animations, please).

Option 4 is a banner form of 2.

To be accepted, all businesses must provide a service of excellent quality, as, in effect, The Tenerife Information Centre will be endorsing and recommending them


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