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Questions and Answers. From time to time, I get someone contacting me, via "Feedback", asking me a specific question about Tenerife. I do my best to answer it, of course, but sometimes I simply don't know, or can't find out, the information they require.

I also regularly look on "Yahoo Answers" for questions about Tenerife and try to respond to as many as I can. All at once, I had a brainwave! Why not set up a page on my own site, just like "Yahoo Answers", but specifically about Tenerife?

So, here's the deal: if you're casually browsing through my site (enjoying the experience, hopefully) and you want some extra bit of information that I've (incredibly) not included, just click through to this page and ask for it!

The question will initially come to me and I'll attempt to answer it, but it will then appear as its own page on this site, with an opportunity for any other browser to also offer an answer. (This will be especially useful if the unlikely event ever cropped up that I didn't know the answer.)

Why not try this idea:

Ask One - Answer One!

If you want to take part in this page, just fill in the form below, submit it and the rest of us will see what we can do.

Let's Help One Another!

Ask A Question About Tenerife!

Do you have a question about anything at all, connected with Tenerife? Ask away!

What Other Visitors Have Asked

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Police email address for Tenerife 
I am looking for the email address for the Tenerife police. Thank you very much.

Clement Fuller Dunlop  
Has anyone got ANY information relating to 7 ISLANDS EXPERIENCE? THANK YOU.

Camping Prices 
Hi all how much is camping please? Phil, thanks.

Escapeaway SL/ Travel07 Anyone know about them 
Does anyone know anything about these companies: We were sold credits in Travel07 by Escapeaway in 2017. Everything was fine in 2018 but last year when …

Hi everyone. I am trying to obtain a person's phone number in Tenerife. Could someone please forward me what number is the operator that I may call …

Hi I can't seem to find any translation or idea of what the word Icod, as in Icod el Alto or Icod de los Vinos, means or where the word comes from. …

Questions About Attractions 
Someone advised that the 2 bananeras open to the public are now closed. Is this true?

Questions About Life Sciences 
Do you know of any personal development workshops in Tenerife?

Questions About the Police 
Can somebody give me the fax numbers for the civil and national police in Adeje Tenerife?

Questions About Excursions 
Hi. We love Tenerife and use the Hotel Vulcano about twice a year. My daughter is wheelchair bound and we find that hotel the best. We did use Noelia Sur …

Questions About Living and Working in Tenerife 
Hi, and thanks for this beautiful Information Centre you built. I live in Italy where I work as a singer and a singing instructor/vocal coach both privately …

Questions About Television 
Hi, My parents have a place in Los Gigantes which I have been to quite a few times, although only with friends not with my children! I am now thinking …

Medical Stuff 
Please help. We are holidaying in October this year, but since booking we have had 2 of our 3 children diagnosed with coeliac disease. This means they …

Counterfeit Goods 
I have just come back from holidaying in Tenerife where we bought (from a shop and not a street vendor) a digital video camera. My daughter has just told …

Legal Stuff 
Hello, My fiance and I would like to get married in Tenerife South at the beginning of August 2011 and have a civil marriage and marriage in Roman Catholic …

Questions About Carnivals 
Do you please have the dates for this year's Carnival in Los Cristianos and also the programme? Thank you very much. Carole.

Questions About Tracing People 
Hi, I'm looking for my aunt and uncle Alex and Brenda Murray, they are 76 and 73. My mum is so worried - she hasn't heard from them for years and last …

Motoring in Tenerife 
As a car owner and driver in Tenerife, what are the newest rules on what you have to carry in your car, including paperwork etc?

Shopping in Tenerife 
As a regular visitor to Tenerife I was pleased to hear that Lidl had opened a supermarket in Las Chafiras. We are coming to Costa del Silencio on November …

Questions About Animals 
Hello, I've just come back from tenerife and had tiny little ants in our apartment. I was wondering if you could tell me more about these little creatures …

Questions About Hiring Items 
Will be on holiday in Tenerife in Aug/Sept hoping to do some shore fishing. To bring my own rods over, it is going to cost me £30 per rod - eek! Are there …

Walking in Tenerife 
Could you let me know where I obtain info on short walks.

Camping in Tenerife 
Is the only way to get a camping permit to go to the address you provided? There isn't an email address? because I will only be there for a week so it …

Tree and shrub seeds - where to source? Not rated yet
Hi! We're looking to source SEEDS of plants endemic to Tenerife! Only found companies selling plants, but not seeds. All plant varieties are of interest. …

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Paul Clark looking for my sister Mandy Jane Banks Not rated yet
Hello, I live in England and I am looking for my younger sister Amanda Jane Banks who has moved to Tenerife. Please contact me on 07816 924669 if you have …

Payment of Council Tax Not rated yet
I'm looking for the e mail address Formosa Christians council in order to change my bank details for direct debits.

Jobs Not rated yet
Where am I best looking for a job in Tenerife?

Entertainment in Tenerife Not rated yet
Is John Ashford still working in Tenerife at the moment? I saw him for the first time in 2000, I believe, in Coconut Joe's. I think Royce was the house …

Iceland Supermarkets Not rated yet
Hi can you tell me if the Iceland Supermarkets are still there in the south? Thanks

Los Cristianos Crime Not rated yet
Were there any violent crimes in Los Cristianos in late 1995?

Sending a Gift to Tenerife Not rated yet
Can I buy shopping and sent it to a friend in Tenerife? I tried to online shopping but you need addresses and post codes. Can you not make it simple? I …

Carl Morris! Are you out there? Looking for childhood friend. Not rated yet
Is anyone on Tenerife acquainted with Carl Morris, my teenage friend from 1970's - 1980's in Wall Heath, West Midlands? I left the area and became a Thespian …

Mask Wearing Rules Not rated yet
I have a sunflower lanyard card which says due to breathing problems I am exempt from wearing a face covering. Can I use it in South Tenerife i.e Costa …

Apartment Refurbishment Not rated yet
I have an apartment in Los Cristianos and it needs a full refurbishment, kitchen bathrooms etc. Who would you recommend? Many Thanks.

Tom Keenan Not rated yet
Can I obtain CDs from the late Tom Keenan country and western singer?

Justo Not rated yet
Any information on singer Justo who appears regularly at hotels Fanabe & Gran Costa Adeje?

Clement Fuller Dunlop  Not rated yet
Hi have you any information about the 7 island experience HOLIDAY company? Can't seem to get hold of anyone by text or phone.

Coin Changing Not rated yet
Can anyone tell me where the machine to change your coins is in Santa Cruz please.

Questions About Bars Not rated yet
Can you please tell me where I might find family-orientated cabaret in Las Americas. Ernest.

Property Rental Not rated yet
If studying in Universidad La Laguna, is it convenient to rent an apartment in Tabaiba? It's such a nice place and I have found very good offers in tha …

Questions About Holidaying in Tenerife Not rated yet
What can happen to a 16 year old drinking and smoking if caught by the police?

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