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flicks bar tenerife

This reasonably compact bar/restaurant has been long established in the Costa del Silencio area of the south coast. It was going strong when I lived on the island and appears to still be holding its own now.

I'd got to know the couple who run the place, Mike and Zina, reasonably well during my stint and, indeed, played there on more than one occasion.

Flicks is one of the few bars in this area to consistantly offer quality live music - but more of that later. The bar is open during the day, offering meals as well as a comprehensive collection of drinks.

It's quite securely tucked away, looking out over the sea and is a venue that you'd never knew was there, unless somebody told you. A few yards away from its terrace is the coast - but it's not a beach. There is a rocky area, dropping down into the sea, so don't venture too close! Still, it makes for an attractive view when sat outside the bar, enjoying a beer.

All the basic British dishes are on offer, including a superb Sunday roast, afternoons and evenings on that day. These Sunday afternoons are very popular at Flicks, due to there also being entertainment put on. Acts can turn up and do a spot, as they wish.

flicks bar tenerife

So, we come to the entertainment package. As well as the Sunday afternoon sessions, Flicks features excellent Tenerife cabaret acts in the evening, through the week.

As I said above, where the bar is situated makes it quite tricky to access, but, trust me, the best acts of the island will often make the effort, the venue is that popular.

I don't have exact opening times, but, unless you're desperate for a drink at something like 8am, I expect if you just pop along there at a more reasonable time, you'll find the place open.

Right. Here's how you find it. I'll give you directions from the TF-1 motorway.

Exit at junction 26 (Guaza/Las Galletas). From the south, take the second exit at the roundabout; from the north, this exit will send you in the wrong direction. Drive up the hill to the petrol station on the left and use it to turn round. Drive back down to the motorway, where the road will pass under it. Get in the left lane and take the second exit from the roundabout.

Now, you're on the road through Guaza. At the next roundabout, take the second exit. This will take you beyond Guaza and, eventually, you'll come to another roundabout, where you should take the third exit.

This is quite a long road and, at the end of it, turn left. This is the road passing through the village of Guargacho and you should watch out for a sign saying Costa Silencio to the right, which you should take.

Follow this road as far as it goes, then turn left. Get in the left lane and, a few yards further on, turn left. Follow this road, watching out for a building saying A.T. Marino Tenerife and, just after this, turn left. Follow this road as far as it will go, when you'll find yourself at the entrance to Amarilla Bay (there's an archway with the name on). Drive through the archway and get as far along this road as possible (you'll think you're going to drive into the sea, but have faith). Park up somewhere along here and walk further down. You have to leave the road at the end and bear left, along the walkway.

You'll hopefully be able to see the bar from there!

flicks bar tenerife

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