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Aug 03, 2022

Lidl near Los Cristianos

Can anyone tell me how far a Lidl store is from Los Cristianos?

Continue reading "Lidl near Los Cristianos"

Jun 01, 2022

Returning to UK

How can I return my blue health card? Do I just take it to my health centre before I leave or is there a form to complete?

Continue reading "Returning to UK"

May 30, 2022

Hire of Taxi

I am arriving by cruise ship on Sunday 12 June and I need to hire a taxi from 1000-1600. Where is the best place to get one?

Continue reading "Hire of Taxi"

Apr 11, 2022

Ripped Off

I would like to ask a TV company to take this on board. Scammed Ripped off in Tenerife. Anyone any ideas how to go about it? Also I tell my story on the

Continue reading "Ripped Off"

Apr 07, 2022

Scattering Ashes on Mount Tiede

Do I need a permit to scatter ashes on Tiede? If so what department do I need to contact?

Continue reading "Scattering Ashes on Mount Tiede"

Mar 06, 2022

Missing Person

I'm desperately trying to locate a Moroccan migrant that could possibly be located within the Las Raices Camp at San Cristobal de La Laguna.

Continue reading "Missing Person"

Feb 06, 2022

Pure Quality

Having dined at El Patio several times I can strongly recommend this place. Yes a little expensive but always a memorable experience.

Continue reading "Pure Quality"

Feb 02, 2022


Has anyone been scammed regarding buying tablets i.e Samsung?

Continue reading "Scams"

Nov 15, 2021

Information Needed on a Scam Shop in Los Cristianos

Does anyone know the address of the Phone Care Factory on the seafront in Los Cristianos? It is an Indian shop which unfortunately sells fake tablets.

Continue reading "Information Needed on a Scam Shop in Los Cristianos"

Jun 05, 2021

7islands Experience

Does any one know about the 7islands experience holiday company - where have they moved to, do they still trade? Thanks.

Continue reading "7islands Experience"

Feb 15, 2021

Entertainment in Tenerife

Is John Ashford still working in Tenerife at the moment? I saw him for the first time in 2000, I believe, in Coconut Joe's. I think Royce was the house

Continue reading "Entertainment in Tenerife"

Dec 07, 2020

Los Cristianos Crime

Were there any violent crimes in Los Cristianos in late 1995?

Continue reading "Los Cristianos Crime"

Nov 28, 2020

Sending a Gift to Tenerife

Can I buy shopping and sent it to a friend in Tenerife? I tried to online shopping but you need addresses and post codes. Can you not make it simple? I

Continue reading "Sending a Gift to Tenerife"

Oct 24, 2020

Police email address for Tenerife

I am looking for the email address for the Tenerife police. Thank you very much.

Continue reading "Police email address for Tenerife"

Aug 05, 2020

Tom Keenan

Can I obtain CDs from the late Tom Keenan country and western singer?

Continue reading "Tom Keenan"

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