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Palm Beach Club is, essentially, a timeshare complex - the largest in Europe apparently. This page is not intended as an advertisement for this, but rather referring to any live entertainment which might be on offer.

Situated right on the ocean, opposite the beautiful Playa Troya, this huge building features a bar down in the bowels of the place.

The Pier One Bar is the place for evening entertainment and is accessed by, when you enter the building, crossing the large lobby area and going down some stairs directly opposite.

Follow the corridor round and descend some more stairs and you'll arrive at the spacious bar.

There's a stage there, a dance floor and ample seating. This is a venue at which I worked for some time and, back then, I was half of a resident duo and the times when I didn't work there, they had another duo, so this seems to be the format.

Also, each night, there was a guest cabaret.

The resident duo also runs bingo competitions and sometimes the more senior members of the audience tended to prefer these sessions to the actual musical entertainment. (Shades of British working men's clubs there!)

As regards whether anybody can just walk off the street and visit the Pier One Bar if they're not actually staying at the complex, I don't see why they can't. The place is so huge, I'm sure staff can't keep tabs on everyone who passes through its doors.

There is a possible down side to the above information. In a forum post I've found, dating from February, 2010, it is stated that the Pier One Bar has permanently closed.

I find this very hard to believe, as it is the only place for evening entertainment in the whole of the complex. Also, the complex's website is still advertising it as featuring live entertainment.

If you do go down there and find that it's closed, there's always the Lobby Bar by the main entrance, where you can get a consoling drink.

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