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The game of volleyball enjoys a major presence on Tenerife, having several teams in the Spanish Super League. It so happens, the women's teams are far more successful than the men's, with ladies having won the Spanish League on numerous occasions and also the European championships.

Administration of Spanish volleyball comes under the auspices of the Real FederaciĆ³n EspaƱola de Voleibol, or "Royal Spanish Federation of Volleyball". There are two leagues - Superliga Femenina de Voleibol and Superliga Masculina de Voleibol (which, I hope, is self explanatory). Within the ladies' league, notable Tenerife teams are CV Tenerife and CV Aguere. Within the men's league is the team Arona Las Playas Americas Tenerife.

Playing Volleyball in Tenerife

Numerous hotels, villas and apartment complexes have volleyball courts. Unfortunately, I've not managed to track down any public indoor courts, so, if you're looking to play a game, you may have to settle for the beach variety.

Beach Volleyball in Tenerife

Only having two members per team, as opposed to the six required for the indoor variety, this version also has a whole lot of differences in the rules.

It is also much more accessible to the amateur player, as, with its climate and beaches, Tenerife is ideal for this sport.

The brand new Tenerife Top Training Athletic Sphere (known familiarly as T3), in the village of La Caleta, offers the first professional standard beach volleyball facility in the Canary Islands. There are three courts in total. Such is the standard of these courts, it has been adopted as the headquarters of the Spanish national team. These courts are available for public use.

To play on an actual beach, you'll find a court set up on Los Cristianos beach. You have to take your own ball.

Up in the north, the stunning beach of Las Teresitas has volleyball courts.

These are the ones I've found that definitely have volleyball courts, but, no doubt, there are many others.

Finally, if you want to watch professional beach volleyball in action, then the famous Siam Park stages matches in its amphitheatre.

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