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fishing in tenerife

In Tenerife, there are opportunities for both freshwater fishing inland, shore fishing and deep sea fishing out into the Atlantic Ocean.

Freshwater Fishing

Although deep sea fishing seems to have the bigger profile on the island, there is a venue for carp fishing you can go to.

angler with carp
Photo: Lolo770461

The "Tenerife Carp Pit" is located up in the mountains near San Miguel. The exact whereabouts is a little uncertain, but, since the boss, Mike, arranges mini-bus pickups from your accommodation, that's not really a problem. San Miguel is only about a 15 minute drive out of Los Cristianos.

The venue consists of a reservoir that is actually used by the vineyard higher up the mountain, but Mike has well stocked it with common, mirror and wild carp. So well stocked is it, that one angler once caught 67 fish during an eight hour session! Its depth varies from 8 feet to 18 feet and it has a clean, snag-free bottom. There is no need for heavy tackle, therefore, though a minimum 10lb line is advised, in case one of the heavier fish comes your way.

Because the "Pit" is crammed full of carp and it's really easy to make a catch, it is suitable for beginners and children, as well as experienced anglers.

Mike is equipped to accommodate group bookings and night fishing can be arranged, too.

Normal Opening Times
Every day9am-5pm

A half-day's fishing usually costs 42 euros

Please note: the Carp Pit may be
no longer operational

contact details:

Telephone: (+34) 609 754225

fishing in tenerife

Shore Fishing In Tenerife

It is possible to fish from harbours or marinas or shoreline rock, or even on beaches in the evenings, but, first and foremost you need to get yourself a fishing licence. I've managed to find a link to the online form and you can access it and print it off here. It's in Spanish, of course, so here's its translation:
shore fishing
shore fishing

It is possible to fish from harbours or marinas or shoreline rock, or even on beaches in the evenings, but, first and foremost you need to get yourself a fishing licence. I've managed to find a link to the online form and you can access it and print it off here. It's in Spanish, of course, so here's its translation:

1º Apellido - your surname.

2º Apellido - second surname. You don't have one, so leave blank.

Nombre - your first name.

Fech. Nacimiento - date of birth.

D.N.I. nº - ID number. Use your passport number.

con domicilio el la calle/plaza - "residing in the street/square". Your current address in Tenerife.

nº - number.

Municipio (Poblacion) - Municipality (population).

Cod. Postal - postcode.

Provincia - province.

Numero de telefono si se posee solicita le sea - Your telephone number if you have one will be requested.

Expedida/Renovada - first time issue/renewal. Place a cross in the appropriate box.


Cross the box for "1 Clase".

The rest of the form deals with what documentation you have to take with you. Your passport will suffice.

Report, in person, with the completed form and your passport to the Oficina Multiple Usos, on Calle La Marina, opposite the ferry port in Los Cristianos.

Prices for this licence vary according to which class you choose, but should be no more than 28.72 euros, valid for three years.

If the police find you fishing without a licence, you will be fined 120 euros.

Now, I'm not a fisherman, so all the next bit is taken from various fishing forums on the Internet. I might not know what I'm talking about, but, hopefully, all you fishermen out there will.


Many fishermen have stated that, for shore fishing in Tenerife, a telescopic rod is more than adequate. Thus, you can pack your own, or purchase a cheap one on your arrival in Tenerife.

It may be useful to bring some wire traces with you, as some fish can easily bite though the line.

Locations of tackle shops are a little vague, but there is a report of one behind the Restaurante Bahia, on Los Cristianos harbour. Many sports shops will often stock a limited amount of fishing gear.


Such things as breadflake, sweetcorn, bits of sausage, pork scratchings and raw prawns have all been reported as making successful bait.

For bottom fishing, try shrimp or fish pieces.


Not all marinas and harbours allow fishing. Watch out for the signs, which will say something like "No Pescar". It is generally the major tourist areas where it is prohibited.

fishing in tenerife

Deep Sea "Big Game" Fishing

Tenerife offers marvellous opportunities for deep-sea fishing. In the waters south of the island, there are numerous examples of barracuda, tuna, shark and marlin.

There are several companies offering boat trips and charters for deep sea fishing, mostly based in the south or southwest of the island.


Using a 29 foot power boat, this company is based at Puerto Colon (Pantalan 6), the port in Las Americas.

Although based in Tenerife only since 2002, Sailfisher's staff have over 30 years experience. It offers deals ranging in price from 85 euros per person to a full charter to the neighbouring island of La Gomera, for 1,100 euros per day, plus all prices in between. The company also provides the best heavy duty rods and appropriate bait, plus the expertise of the experienced crew.

Half day85 euros per person
Full day125 euros per person
Private charter
Half day500 euros
Full day900 euros

Other prices from website (see below).

There is a restriction of six rods per trip.

contact details:

Telephone: (+34) 600 562141 [nighttime (+34) 922 780192]

Crested Wave

This company, based in Los Cristianos harbour, has 25 years experience of Tenerife's waters and offers full and half day trips.

On offer for landing are examples of tuna, blue and white marlin, spearfish, dorado and barracuda.

There are also private charters and specialist trips available. A very respected, well known company.

Full day89 euros per fisherman
45 euros per spectator
Half day49 euros per fisherman
25 euros per spectator

More price details on website.

contact details:

Telephone: (+34) 922 797469
Mobile/Cellphone: (+34) 629 480610
Email: via website

fishing in tenerife

Yate Sofia

Operating since 1969, this company sails every day from Los Cristianos harbour on fishing trips of varying length. A former world champion of big game fishing, the skipper, Johnny, is a perfect guide and instructor.

Knowing the waters around south Tenerife like the back of his hand, he'll be sure to take his boat to the best locations for fishing for blue marlin and tuna.

Four hoursFisherman 70 euros
Spectator 50 euros
Six hoursFisherman 110 euros
Spectator 60 euros
Private Charter
Four hours600 euros
Extra hour125 euros

trips leave every day

contact details:
Telephone: (+34) 922 791459
Email: via website

Punta Umbria

This boat sails from Los Gigantes harbour every day at around 9am and offers half, or full day trips.

The company can cater for groups (up to a maximum of five rods) and beginners are also welcome.

contact details:

Telephone: (+34) 922 861918

Tenerife Sport Fishing - "No Limits"

Based in Puerto Colon (Pantalan 11) this company has two fine vessels for charter, offering two fishing trips daily, sailing at 9am and 2pm. The trips last for four hours and you'll be able to fish for barracuda and tuna, also trolling for marlin, mahi mahi and wahoo.

The company is the only one in south Tenerife to use sonar to help find the fish, so you are guaranteed an opportunity to catch something.

The boat accommodates a maximum of seven fishermen, but also has room for spectators.

AdultChild (10 and under)Spectator

Included in the price is an individual rod for each fisherman, all other fishing tackle, drinks (water, coca cola or beer) and the appropriate fishing licence.

contact details:

Tel: (+31) 659 317 353

fishing in tenerife

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