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swiss house restaurant tenerife

I've only been in one Swiss restaurant in my life and I don't know if it was typical, but the cuisine I experienced there was, let's say, very filling - but very tasty.

So, you may be thinking, what is Swiss cuisine? Apart from fondue, which is probably the only thing anyone can think of as being specifically Swiss, what else is there?

Well, bear in mind that, within the country of Switzerland, you have the French Swiss, the Italian Swiss and the German Swiss, speaking those respective languages. It's not surprising, then, to find Swiss cuisine using elements from the dishes of these three neighbouring countries.

swiss house restaurant tenerife

And so we come to Swiss chef, Roberto Favre, who arrived in Tenerife in 1999, determined to bring his country's cuisine to the island. His dishes are immaculate and delicious, drawing on the influences of France, with sauces and seasonings, Germany, with rich cuts of meat and Italy, with risottos and noodles.

The restaurant itself is charmingly rustic. On entering, you find yourself in a lovely enclosed patio, adorned with flowers and a fountain. There is the option to dine there, but there is a main indoor dining area, too, quite elegant in appearance, with oak beams.

For less formal visits, there is a smaller room - La Tasca, which provides a certain degree of intimacy.

Some of the exotic menu items include starters of Piramide de tartar de salmon, Zuger Chabiswichel (layers of meat and cabbage) and lobster stuffed with cheese wrapped in cured ham. Main courses feature such things as veal Zurichoise, Solomillo Cafe de Paris and rosti with smoked salmon, sour cream and caviar.

If there's any room left after all that, there are some tempting desserts to choose from - parfait de te, with prunes and red wine, guggelhopf with apricot and white wine, plus things a little less complicated, like rum flavoured cream. They all contain alcohol, notice!

To compliment your meal, the restaurant offers a superb selection of wines, from all around the world.

On visiting, you'll be certain of a friendly welcome and the service will be efficient and professional, providing a great dining experience in elegant surroundings.

Opening Times
Fri & Sat1pm-4pm

NB There is another website stating that the restaurant is closed on Wednesdays. Best to phone and check.

For reservations or enquiries, telephone (+34) 922 323112

To find the restaurant is quite simple. Exit the TF-5 north motorway at junction 32, taking the Puerto de La Cruz road. After a while, look out for a dilapidated, run-down building on the right, with the Swiss House sign on it. Relax, that's not the restaurant! Turn down the side road there and the venue is just on the right - a building that looks altogether more inviting.

swiss house restaurant tenerife

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