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restaurante mil sabores tenerife

In the old, fishermen's area of Puerto de La Cruz, there is the district known as La Ranilla and, when I tell you that it's also known as the Restaurant District, you can be sure that you'll find many fine dining establishments vying for your custom.

In a city renowned for its superb eateries, for one to stand out from the competition is a real feat - but one does.

It is Restaurante Mil Sabores, generally regarded as one of the most impressive, quirky and innovative of its kind in Tenerife.

Firstly, the building in which it's located. A carefully and beautifully restored traditional Canarian house, it has been decorated in a unique modern style, which contrasts quite nicely with the rich mahogany of the original wood staircase, balcony and roof beams.

A colour scheme of lime green and burgundy has been adopted and the effect (which shouldn't really work) actually does - and the result is an ideal place to partake of a meal to remember.

As well as the floor of the restaurant, customers may choose to sit at one of the tables up on the balcony (which some regard as the best seats). There is also a small outside area, which, on warm nights, tends to get filled up first.

In this superb setting, you will literally be spoilt for choice as you peruse the menu. The restaurant bills its cuisine as "Mediterranean", but it's much more than that. All dishes have a unique, personal twist and you'll be amazed at the innovative concepts offered within it.

For instance, how about the "Tower of Babel" - medallions of pork and beef tenderloin served between scalloped potatoes, ratatouille and hollandaise sauce, or "Nemo" fish pie, filled with prawns, vegetables and melted cheese, or roast lamb in gin sauce served with broccoli and croquette potatoes. The list goes on - the restaurant's name translates as "thousand flavours", after all!

There is such an extensive choice - the starter menu features no less than seven different soups! You'll also be spoilt for choice with dessert. How about profiteroles covered in chocolate and sprinkled with almonds?

Vegetarians are also catered for, with a good selection of non-meat dishes. This is something rarely found in Tenerife restaurants.

While you're scanning the menu, making your agonising choice, you'll be presented with a complimentary appetizer of tuna with bread and dips.

All in all, universally regarded by customers as a superb place to visit for that extra special dining experience.

restaurante mil sabores tenerife

Opening Times

You are strongly advised to reserve a table for this restaurant. Telephone (+34) 922 368172

The restaurant is situated (along with many others) on Calle de Cruz Verde, which is a narrow, pedestrianized passageway leading off Calle Mequinez, a street accessed from Plaza del Charco.

restaurante mil sabores tenerife

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