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restaurante l'amuse bouche la laguna

Researching L'Amuse Bouche on the Internet resulted in a strange discrepancy. Some sites were listing the address of this restaurant as Calle Santo Domingo. On checking this location using Google Street View, there is, indeed, a restaurant there, but it is an Italian one, with a rather nondescript frontage.

The restaurant's own site, however, states that it is found on Calle de Nava y Grimón and, this time, the restaurant has, perhaps fittingly, a much more imposing façade.

"L'Amuse Bouche", as a brand, exists in many prestigious locations. With presences in London, the USA, France and Switzerland, it now has put its stamp on Tenerife, within a magnificent building nestling in the old quarter of La Laguna.

The name is a culinary term, roughly meaning an appetiser (similar to a tapa). Literally, it means "entertain the mouth" and it's probably this interpretation that the chain of restaurants aims to fulfill.

To this end, the culinary team use only the freshest, locally sourced ingredients and, within the haute cuisine tradition, are constantly striving to produce exciting new combinations of flavours and textures.

L'Amuse Bouche has several different areas.

The Restaurant

The main part of the building, this offers lunches and dinners in a convivial setting. Spanish and Canarian cuisine is on the menu, always with surprising twists. It is also possible to dine on a very pleasant, leafy, open-air terrace area.


Essentially, a tapas bar, featuring tortilla, ham and cheese, plus other standard offerings. Various coffees and fruit juices are also available.

La Tasca

"Tasca" normally translates as something like "pub" and this is an informal place to enjoy a glass of wine. Snacks are also on offer.


This is a central area where special events are held. Occasions such as wedding receptions and formal banquets can be catered for here.

Opening Days

To give you some idea of the unique cuisine on offer, here are some examples:

Beef carpaccio with truffle and celery wrapped in salmon with leek vinaigrette; langostines with caviar and pumpkin cream, with basil foam; lollipops (yes, seriously) of Canarian cheese and quince; spoons of sweet potato and cod; sweet sausage skewers with smoked cheese; chicken curry cooked with coconut and banana.

You get the idea?

For reservations, telephone (+34) 609 141556/141493

The location of this restaurant is a narrow one-way street with limited parking. It can be accessed from the TF-5 north motorway by exiting at junction 9. From the south, take the first exit from the roundabout; from the north, follow the roundabout right round, over the motorway, then take next exit.

You'll then arrive at another roundabout, where you need to take the third exit. Follow this road for a while. Eventually, it becomes one-way, then you'll see a fork off to the right, which you should take. Follow this as far as it goes, then go left, then immediately take a right. Wherever you see a parking space at this point, you should use it, because the restaurant is a little further up this street.

Watch out for, on the left, a set of railings, behind which there is a leafy terrace area overlooked by an impressive building. That's it!

restaurante l'amuse bouche la laguna

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