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Notaries in Tenerife. If you're looking for legal information and have already perused my pages on solicitors and attorneys, you'd probably expect a similar thing to be presented regarding notaries.

When I set about compiling this page, I'd thought it would have been quite straightforward, too. How wrong was I!

Just to recap, a notary, or notario, is a person who witnesses and authorises exchanges of legal documents, concerning such things as house or business sales. They have numerous other functions as well, all to do with legal matters that are, essentially, not concerned with legal disputes, but merely transactions.

In my research for this page, this is where the fun began.

My aim was to provide you with a list of Notaries in Tenerife who speak English, in much the same way as I'd done for solicitors and attorneys. I discovered a list of Notaries, but none of them appeared to have a website. All there was, information-wise, was a phone number and, maybe, an email address. So, there's no telling if they speak English or not. I'll give you a link to the list anyway. Just visit

There is another option. If you're from the UK, or another EU member state, a notary from your own country can sometimes act on your behalf in your legal dealings in Tenerife.

Apparently, there is a list of approved English Notaries practising in Spanish law that has been issued by the Spanish Consulate in London.

Having visited the Spanish Consulate's website, I couldn't find any such list, so I've had to resort to a bit of detective work of my own. There are several Notary firms based in the UK that deal in Spanish law...and here they are:

English/Spanish Notaries

Manuel Martin & Associates

This firm can assist in both English and Spanish law, providing Notary services for any transactions you may be undertaking in Tenerife. Its founder is both a qualified Spanish abogado and English lawyer.

contact details:

Telephone: (+44) (0)20 7631 5161

J.E.P. Pinto

Based in London, this firm provides full notary services for transactions in Spain.

contact details:

Telephone: (+44) (0)20 7953 8184/5

Paul S. Williamson

Based in Hertfordshire, this lawyer provides full notary services specialising in sale and purchase of property in Spain.

contact details:

Telephone: (+44) (0)1442 862 475

Anglo-Spanish Law

With a name like that, you can't go wrong, can you! As their name suggests, they specialise totally in English and Spanish legal matters, including full notary services. Based in Sheffield.

contact details:Telephone: (+44) (0)1433 631508

Mireles Romero

A Spanish law firm based in London, this is headed by Mireles Romero, a Spanish solicitor who graduated from Oxford University and is fluent in English. Her firm will be able to help you with Spanish notary services.

contact details:

Telephone: (+44) (0)207 4485256

So, if you're still in the UK and are buying, say, a property or a business in Tenerife to eventually move out to, you're pretty much spoilt for choice for notaries.

If you're already on the island and are forced to visit a local notario, you may have to take a Spanish speaker along with you. As I've said earlier, I can't vouch for any of the notaries in Tenerife speaking English.

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