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Naughty Spanish words, indeed! Should I include this page? Well, it is handy, if a Spanish speaker is firing profanities at you, that you have an idea what he is saying.

There are going to be a lot of asterisks on this page!

Here we go. Apologies in advance to the faint hearted.

Cabrón - ba***rd.

Mamón - w**ker.

Una mamada - a w*nk

Mierda - sh*t (used as exclamation)

Culo - a*se

Besame el culo - kiss my a*se

Puta - prostitute, whore, bitch

Hijo de puta - son of a bitch

La puta madre - son of a bitch

Cojones (slang for) testicles

Va a tomar por culo - f*** off

Chinga usted - f*** you

Maricón - (slang for) homosexual

Concha - the word that's worse than the "F" word

Coño - a milder form of the previous word, if you think such a thing could exist, a lot more acceptable, maybe the equivalent of "fanny" (the English meaning - vagina) or "tw*t"

Un coñazo - A pain in the arse/ass.

Borracho como una cuba - Pissed as a newt.

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