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HiperDino Las Chafiras is a hypermarket that is something of an enigma. (Not how you'd expect a large shop to be described, eh?)

What I mean is, when you go on the HiperDino website to research it, this particular branch, although listed, doesn't come up on the map they provide.

It exists, though. I've been there!

This isn't HiperDino Las Chafiras, but you get the idea
(Photo: Mataparda)

According to the website, there are 54 branches of this hypermarket chain throughout Tenerife. Most are clustered round Santa Cruz in the north and the Arona area in the south. A few more are dotted along the north coast. For a full list of stores and locations, you need to check the website (address below).

I'm concentrating on the shop at Las Chafiras because it's probably typical of all the others and I've shopped there (or, more accurately, accompanied a female while she's shopped there) many times.

HiperDino at Las Chafiras is a typical hypermarket, stocking all grocery produce. There is a butcher's, a bakery and a delicatessen.

You can also find all manner of domestic appliances, such as TVs, DVDs, vacuum cleaners, fridges and freezers (though it's a bit hit-and-miss what they have in stock at any one time). There's a small area devoted to garden furniture and gardening.

You'll find a modest line in clothing, too.

The best bit of this hypermarket is the fact that, on the left as you walk in, there is a small tapas bar. A full range of tapas and sandwiches are available, plus a well-stocked bar. Somewhere that the men can wait while their other half walks the aisles.

Behind the tapas bar, there is a seating area, with a TV.

The only advice I can give you regarding this large store is to make sure you're not caught short while you're there. The toilets leave something to be desired.

How To Get There

It's a bit complicated, but you access the place from the TF-1 main motorway.

Driving from the south, leave at junction 24, getting in the left-hand lane. This lane takes you to the roundabout, which you enter, then take the fifth exit, onto the road crossing over the motorway. You come to another roundabout and you should take the first exit, which takes you straight on.

Travelling on the TF-1 from the north, exit at this junction. The slip road divides into two, so take the one to the right. This leads you to a roundabout, where you should take the first exit.

Take the second right off this road. (The first turn-off leads immediately to a row of bars and restaurants.) Take the third right off this road and follow it down and round a bend to the left. You're now on a road running next to the motorway and HiperDino is at the end of this.

Considering the size of this hypermarket, the car park is of quite a modest size.

contact details:

Telephone: (+34) 902 246346 (head office)
Website: www.hiperdino.es

There is an email contact form on the website.

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