The Arona Ifonche Walk - a popular and easy route

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The Arona Ifonche walk is a circuitous route that is very popular out of all the Tenerife walks, partly because it's blessed with stunning scenery and views, but, I think, mainly because it's quite an easy one.

The starting point is reached by first getting onto the TF-51 road leading to Arona. Pass through this small town and, soon after, the road will cross over a minor bridge. A little further on, you'll see the La Granja restaurant on your left and a roadsign saying "Ayuntamiento de Arona - Roque del Imoque", with an arrow. This marks a track branching off to the left. That's where the walk begins. There's a small area where you can park a car, but this could quite easily be full.

On commencing the walk, the path, known as the Camino del Suarez, first descends into the impressive ravine, Barranco del Rey. It soon emerges from the other side and passes round the back of Roque del Conde, with a smaller peak, Montaña del Suarez, on your other side. Already, there are impressive views of the full sweep of Costa Adeje, from Puerto Colon to Callao Salvaje. On a clear day, the neighbouring island of La Gomera is also visible.

Working its way northwards, the path takes you past old, abandoned houses and caves, with Roque de Imoque to your right. Again, there are excellent views of the south-west coast. You'll notice subtle changes in the vegetation, with the orange and green hues of mosses and lichens.

Eventually, after a total of some two hours' walking, you'll find yourself between the two peaks, Roque de Imoque and Roque de Los Brazos. You're now in the vicinity of the tiny village of Ifonche, signified by the farmhouses scattered about the fields. You can survey the route you've just taken, back down the valley to Costa Adeje.

At this point there is an optional extra for this walk. You can, if you wish, climb Roque del Imoque. You're already at an altitude of some 3,280 feet and climbing this peak will only take you up an extra 350. It doesn't seem far to cover, but it's quite steep and a worn path will take you to within about 100 feet of the summit. If you go for it and climb this last bit, you need to be sure that you have a head for heights, as there are sheer drops all around.

You can then descend into the village of Ifonche and maybe stop at a Canarian bar for a drink and a snack. The return route to your starting point is a slightly shorter one. Called the Camino del Topo, it follows the eastern edge of the Barranco, offering stunning views of its impressive, jagged walls of rock. You are also treated to superb views of Los Cristianos and Costa del Silencio. This leg of the Arona Ifonche walk shouldn't take much more than one hour.

Hopefully, your car will still be where you left it!

If you don't have your own transport, then TITSA runs two buses to take you up there from the southern resorts. The 342 leaves Playa de Las Americas at 9:15am and you can catch the return one at around 3:30pm (approx). The 482 leaves Los Cristianos at 5:50am, 11am and 5pm, returning at 6:35am, 12 noon and 6:15pm.

In each case, you need to get off at the stop for Las Casas and walk the rest of the way.

arona ifonche walk - route details

Overall distance: 5.5 miles
Overall ascent: 1500 feet
Graded: Easy (but upped to "moderate" if you climb Roque del Imoque)

Remember the Rules
take plenty of water with you
wear a hat with a wide brim
use plenty of sunscreen
wear clothing in layers - the higher you go, the colder it gets
wear appropriate shoes!

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