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Feb 15, 2011
Response from your webmaster
by: John

Hi Hugh. Sorry to hear about your experience, but these things happen all too often in Tenerife.

It's not clear from your question if you're still on Tenerife or have returned to Northern Ireland. If you've already gone home, I'm afraid there's not much you can do.

If you're still on the island, however, the phone number for the police in Arona is (+34) 922 766362 and Adeje is (+34) 922 780429.

You may have seen, in shops and bars, a sign saying "complaint forms are available to the customers". You need to return to the shop where this happened and ask for a complaint form (they're bilingual, Spanish/English) and the shopkeeper is obliged to give you one. It comes with two carbon copies. When you fill it in, you give one copy to the shopkeeper and he has ten days to resolve the situation to your satisfaction. If he doesn't, you submit the copies of the form to the appropriate authorities, who will then take legal action.

I hope you can get this situation resolved to your satisfaction. If not, you'll have to write it off as a bad experience.

Jul 30, 2011
Help is out there
by: Sue Thompson

We have just returned home and have been the victims of a simular scam. It is not true to say there is nothing you can do. You should contact the Consumer Complaints Office in Tenerife. I emailed them on I am still waiting for a reply.

You can also go to your bank if you paid by credit or debit card and request a chargeback into your account. You have 120days to do this and they like you to have tried to get the money back yourselves first so they wont take any action for 30days. If you can prove to them you were a victim of fraud they will do their best to help you. Goodluck.

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