Parque tropical phase 2 Los Cristianos.

by John
(Parque Tropical 2. Los Cristianos)

I applied to Tenerife island rentals for an apartment to rent in Tenerife with the intention that I wanted to live here permantely.
The following were my criteria.
1) Top floor 2) Internet and UK TV.3)Above all it was to be a home not a renter.4)Quiet area.

A1)I was given Parque Tropical phase 2 adjacent to the mountain in Los Cristianos.
On the face of it it was a clean rentals complex. Although I have a balcony above me it is only used during the day and not at night so ok.

A2)As far as the television was concerned it has an old sky box and system. So I can get some but not all UK tv. However many channels just get the picture breaking up.When it rains both the Spanish and UK channels just simply cease to work.

When I asked the rentals people about getting the ADSL reconnected I was advised only after I moved in that the gentleman before me had left leaving a massive bill and that I would have to pay his bill before a new connection was allowed.

So my much needed ADSL and therefore the internet was out of the question.I have been purchasing a dongle locally which was OK in the first couple of months. Then the months use got down to three weeks before stopping then it was two weeks. So I had paid one month 135 euros for dongle that simply would not send E mails. My average payment for internet per month was 90 euros.

The internet was so bad that if it tried to send just one small photo with an e mail it would take 10 minutes to upload and although showing it had been sent in the sent box it simply had not gone as the dongle speed was so slow.This was an orange dongle. I tried local bars wifi but they share with other bars and are to slow. Local sports bar with latest wifi installed for his TVs and computers simply do not work on the wi fi. Apparently the wifi they have been given is too slow.

I go to the local library a two mile walk there and back with heavy computer on my back each day to upload information that has stacked up. However only one day the week before did it work.

It has been a nightmare. Tenerife is not the place to conduct a business which needs Internet.

A3)As far as a home is concerned this place is definitely a renter with uncomfortable furniture small TV. Within weeks I had again asked Tenerife Island rentals to move me into an apartment where I felt at home and could bring all my items I had stored in the UK over here.

However every time my contract came up for renewal they curtly said are you going or not.They made no effort to find me a home. They wanted to keep me in this one bed apartment where I was paying 700 euros per month. Which is well over the average rate for a one bed.

A4)As far as Tenerife island rentals finding me a quiet apartment they put me in a complex that they knew had dog noise problems going back years.

Within a few months a dog just below me started barking. Not on and off but continually for hours on end. On one occasion from midday until one o clock in the morning.This went on for 4 months before in the end I and many other people complained and both the renter and his dog were removed. I had been deprived of so much sleep over four months, I simply could not get my sleep pattern back. I became very ill and again demanded Tenerife island rentals find me a home here after nearly 10 months.

The first apartment they took me to was with two massive dogs next door to me. Nuts!!. After all I had been through with the dogs at Parque tropical.

Tenerife island rentals knew that the owners of the same apartment in Parque Tropical with the noisy dog had previously had renters with dogs in that were again evicted due to incessant noise.

It was also known that unwanted dogs were released on the grounds outside Parque tropical 2. At one time a year ago 10 dogs were howling all day and night. Again it was a resident here that took court action and they were eventually removed.

Now over the past two weeks we have massive JCBs digging up the mountain in front of Parque tropical two. They are dropping large boulders into large lorries.They start at 6.45am and go on until 6pm. It is a nightmare of dust and noise. I have cancelled four lots of friends from visiting me due to the noise.This is no place for a holiday.The rocks are for the port in Grenadilla which will not be finished until 2015. Do I have to put up with this until then. No way.

You simply can't get away from the noise inside or out. I have taken many recordings of the dog noise and the noise of the JCBs it is horrendous .

Rentals companies like Tenerife Island rentals should be accountable to the law if they knowingly waste renters hard earned rent. I have wasted in excess of 7000 euros due to the noise here.

I have had enough of the greed here in Tenerife .The same greed that I had tried to get away from in the UK.
When I pose these questions to Tenerife Island rentals all I get is "oh sorry have to go I have someone on the other line". My questions are left unanswered.

Also all they can say is we only rent out the apartments we have nothing to do with anything else.TVs internet, noise etc.I have informed them many times that it is the little things that people moving to a new country need.They know if they like the apartment when they first visit.

Well I strongly feel that a law ought to be brought in to stop people like me being ripped off by dishonest rental agents whos duty it should be to know if the complexes are noisy and advise accordingly.

I am disgusted at the way I have been treated by them and will be leaving an Island shortly that I was hoping I could call home.
Letters, e-mails, photos, recordings of 4 months constant dog noise, recordings and picture of JCBs dirt and noise are available if required.
End of a nightmare!!!!!.

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