Aronasol and James Benson

by Audrey Thomson
(Aberdeen, Scotland)

Booked an apartment in The Heights, Los Cristianos, via Aronasol, for four weeks in January 2015. Paid a refundable deposit via international bank transfer then the balance by credit card in April/May 2014. Confirmation of payment received and told keys would be posted to me in December of last year with apartment number. When it came to the beginning of December I contacted Aronasol asking when in December I would get keys. Several emails later - latterly asking if they were a scam company - I received a phonecall telling me that they definately weren't and that the renter a Mr. James Benson, should have been in touch with me himself regarding the keys. They got in touch with Benson who emailed Aronasol back stating he didn't like my tone and had decided to decline booking and saying that he had sent me a contract by registered mail several months before which I never received. Didn't think we needed anything else but key and didn't realise that we were also not dealing with Aronasol after the booking was made. Benson did finally send us some very agressive emails but did ask for details of how to return our deposit and apartment rent. Needless to say nothing was returned but we finally, after many months, got the rent back as it was paid by credit card but the deposit has never been returned. Have seen James Benson's name on websites from others complaining that their money has been kept by him. The only information I have about James Benson is an email address and he never answers his emails and neither do Aronasol. I feel lucky that I could afford to book other accommodation but others are perhaps not so lucky and the flights were non-refundable. I just want to warn others not to book through this company and, more especially, James Benson as he is nothing but a crook and a conman.

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