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Questions and Answers. From time to time, I get someone contacting me, via "Feedback", asking me a specific question about Tenerife. I do my best to answer it, of course, but sometimes I simply don't know, or can't find out, the information they require.

I also regularly look on "Yahoo Answers" for questions about Tenerife and try to respond to as many as I can. All at once, I had a brainwave! Why not set up a page on my own site, just like "Yahoo Answers", but specifically about Tenerife?

So, here's the deal: if you're casually browsing through my site (enjoying the experience, hopefully) and you want some extra bit of information that I've (incredibly) not included, just click through to this page and ask for it!

The question will initially come to me and I'll attempt to answer it, but it will then appear as its own page on this site, with an opportunity for any other browser to also offer an answer. (This will be especially useful if the unlikely event ever cropped up that I didn't know the answer.)

Why not try this idea:

Ask One - Answer One!

If you want to take part in this page, just fill in the form below, submit it and the rest of us will see what we can do.

Let's Help One Another!

Please note

I'm writing this in October 2015 and, for the past few months, I've been occasionally receiving comments to various questions that have no relevance to them, but serve merely as a vehicle for the poster (usually anonymous) to place a link to their business. This amounts to free advertising, so all such comments have been deleted. Should anyone wish to advertise on this site, please contact me via the "Advertising" page and I'll be happy to discuss terms.

Ask A Question About Tenerife!

Do you have a question about anything at all, connected with Tenerife? Ask away!

What Other Visitors Have Asked

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Star Gazing Without a Guide 
I have searched the Internet high and low for hours on end and I cannot find an answer to this simple question. Please help me before I lose my mind. …

Are You a Victim of Currency Conversion Fraud? 
Wady Properties urged me to use Magna Financial for a "great rate" in converting my $130,000 to euros. Cost me $10,000 more than any bank in Tenerife. …

Transporting a Dog To Tenerife 
How difficult is it to relocate with a Staffordshire bull terrier (as they are considered to be potentially dangerous dogs) to Tenerife if we take out …

Mount Teide by Public Transport 
Can I travel from Golf del Sur to Mount Teide by public transport?

Scam In Adeje 
Had a lovely holiday at the Iberostar in Adeje. Until we bought a tablet in Klick Cash & Carry underneath the Hotel. We paid cash but they kept saying …

Tenerife Fraud 
I bought a tablet at a shop on the promenade in Las Americas next to MacDonalds walking towards Los Cristianos. lt was £114. When I got home they had taken …

Tenerife's Police Email Address 
I wish to have the Tenerife police's email please.

Buses to Los Cristianos 
Hi - I've just come across your really useful site and hope you can help with a query on buses from the airport (Tenerife South) to the port of Los Cristianos, …

Airport Pick-up for Disabled 
HELP NEEDED!! I am travelling to Tenerife in May with my family. There will be ten of us in total, one adult who is disabled. I am trying to find out …

Oxygen Concentrators 
I have booked to come to Los Cristianos in May to Victoria Two apartments. I have just found out today that I am going to go on oxygen. How do I get this …

Bus to Mocan station (BODEGA LOS FRONTOS) 
Hello, How I can travel by bus (TITSA or another bus...) from Tenerife Puerto de la Cruz to BODEGA LOS FRONTOS Lomo Grande, 1 - Los Blanquitos Carretera …

Consumer Office 
Email address for Maria in the Consumer Office as given on previous page seems incorrect. Do you have correct address? Could you confirm that postal address …

Totally Sick.  
Just back from holiday in Las Americas, and found out that we have been totally ripped off by scumbags. At Simon's we believed them, it seemed like a good …

Catholic Mass Times in Costa Adeje 
I am coming to Costa Adeje and I would like to attend a catholic mass on Sat/Sundays in English or some of the mass in English. Can you tell me where the …

Religious Ceremony 
Hi, I am travel agent/wedding coordinator from London and writing you on behalf of my customers. They would love to get marry next year June in Tenerife. …

Do Tenerife Play At Home Between 16/12/2015 to 26/12/2015 
How much to watch Tenerife play football and where do they play?

I have two small children and am flying to Tenerife in a few weeks. Normally I would use Sainsbury's own brand nappies but wondering what is available …

Where on this site is information about public launderettes? 
The question is in the title. A general site search did not access the article to which reference was made in responses to a general search using the …

Canary Birds on Canary Islands 
What do you suggest to a person who wishes to visit the Canary Islands - or Tenerifa - just to see the canary birds?Which place to go especially? At what …

Policia Playa De Las Americas 
Can you inform us of an email address (or telephone number) for the policia office (la oficinas centrales de la policía) cerca Avda Rafael Puig, Playa …

Setting Up A Business In Tenerife 
Hi, I am going to Tenerife 13th May 2015 with the objective of finding a residential location as well as a business location for the erection of an adrenalin …

Hi I can't seem to find any translation or idea of what the word Icod, as in Icod el Alto or Icod de los Vinos, means or where the word comes from. …

Questions About Attractions 
Someone advised that the 2 bananeras open to the public are now closed. Is this true?

Questions About Life Sciences 
Do you know of any personal development workshops in Tenerife?

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Questions About the Police 
Can somebody give me the fax numbers for the civil and national police in Adeje Tenerife?

Questions About Excursions 
Hi. We love Tenerife and use the Hotel Vulcano about twice a year. My daughter is wheelchair bound and we find that hotel the best. We did use Noelia Sur …

Questions About Living and Working in Tenerife 
Hi, and thanks for this beautiful Information Centre you built. I live in Italy where I work as a singer and a singing instructor/vocal coach both privately …

Questions About Television 
Hi, My parents have a place in Los Gigantes which I have been to quite a few times, although only with friends not with my children! I am now thinking …

Medical Stuff 
Please help. We are holidaying in October this year, but since booking we have had 2 of our 3 children diagnosed with coeliac disease. This means they …

Counterfeit Goods 
I have just come back from holidaying in Tenerife where we bought (from a shop and not a street vendor) a digital video camera. My daughter has just told …

Legal Stuff 
Hello, My fiance and I would like to get married in Tenerife South at the beginning of August 2011 and have a civil marriage and marriage in Roman Catholic …

Questions About Carnivals 
Do you please have the dates for this year's Carnival in Los Cristianos and also the programme? Thank you very much. Carole.

Questions About Tracing People 
Hi, I'm looking for my aunt and uncle Alex and Brenda Murray, they are 76 and 73. My mum is so worried - she hasn't heard from them for years and last …

Motoring in Tenerife 
As a car owner and driver in Tenerife, what are the newest rules on what you have to carry in your car, including paperwork etc?

Shopping in Tenerife 
As a regular visitor to Tenerife I was pleased to hear that Lidl had opened a supermarket in Las Chafiras. We are coming to Costa del Silencio on November …

Questions About Animals 
Hello, I've just come back from tenerife and had tiny little ants in our apartment. I was wondering if you could tell me more about these little creatures …

Questions About Hiring Items 
Will be on holiday in Tenerife in Aug/Sept hoping to do some shore fishing. To bring my own rods over, it is going to cost me £30 per rod - eek! Are there …

Walking in Tenerife 
Could you let me know where I obtain info on short walks.

Camping in Tenerife 
Is the only way to get a camping permit to go to the address you provided? There isn't an email address? because I will only be there for a week so it …

Villa Websites Not rated yet
Hi, I have been looking on the TenerifeVacationsHome.com website at villas and was just wondering whether this website is legitimate as they are very …

Bulls Head Bar Tenerife - email, tel no (contact details) Not rated yet
Hi. Does anyone have the contact details for the Bulls Head Bar, Parque De La Paz? I am trying to locate the owner. Tel no or email would be great. I was …

Finding Entertainment Work in Tenerife Not rated yet
My nephew is thinking of moving to Tenerife and wants to work as a singer in bars, hotels etc. Does anyone know how easy this type of work is to find and …

Quiz nights in Playa de las Americas. Not rated yet
I am now living in Playa de las Americas, am 71 years of age coming from Cheam in Surrey and because I am on my own I am wondering if anyone knows if there …

Searching for Victor Benito Marrero Perez Originally from Oratava Not rated yet
Please contact me: Karen Douglas. Email me at stenhousekaren432@gmail.com

Internet Radio Not rated yet
Do you have to pay a licence fee to broadcast an Internet radio into Tenerife if the radio station is based in the UK? If so, how much is the licence? …

Renting a van/transporter Not rated yet
Hello, do you/does anybody know where to rent a van (like a Mercedes Vito, Opel Vivaro, VW T4) that has NO backseats? Three crew members of my film company …

Winter Rental Not rated yet
Where to rent for three months in the winter.

Disabled Parking Not rated yet
Please could you tell me about parking in Tenerife with a disability badge, i.e. if we can park if necessary on white/yellow lines etc.

Renting for just a few months Not rated yet
My husband is doing a sabbatical in Tenerife. He will be based near the university. We are looking for a house or apartment for ourselves and our children …

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Vilaflor Walks Not rated yet
I'm interested in your Vilaflor walks- which maps do I buy? And where do I buy them, either in UK or in Tenerife? Thank you, Tom.

Fiesta Not rated yet
Are there any celebrations Golf del Sur tonight the 6th Jan 2017?

Beach work outside Riu Palace Hotel Costa adeje Not rated yet
Hi I understand there is major construction work on the beach in front of the Riu Palace. We are booking to stay in Sheraton La Caleta middle of March. …

Buy a Stroller For Baby Not rated yet
Hi, I'm having trouble to google where I can buy a stroller for babies in Tenerife. I want to buy BOB revolution pro stroller. Do you know any baby …

Company Query Not rated yet
Hi. Has anyone booked the scooter hire that's on "BestinTenerife" website? Is the company upfront?

Airport Buses Not rated yet
Is there a bus from north airport to south on Xmas eve to arrive at south by 12.30pm?

J C Lee, Singer Not rated yet
Is he still living and singing in Tenerife? If so, where is he now working? As no longer in Brahms and Liszt.

About Camping Not rated yet
Hello Our family (1 adult man and 2 my sons) are going to visit Tenerife (or Gran Canaria) on March/April. I have only 1 question: Is it possible …

Walking Groups Not rated yet
Are there any expat local walking groups Los Cristianos area that are free to just turn up just like England? Many thanks.

Driving Laws Not rated yet
I have a Spanish driving licence, the categories that are ticked on the back of the license are A1, AM, B. Does anyone know how to add a category? I want …

New Anti-coagulant/Reversal Agent Availability Tenerife South Not rated yet
Hello, I am visiting Los Americas In December, and would like to find out some information. I have recently started on a newer anti-coagulant, Pradaxa …

Expat Communities Not rated yet
Hi - my partner and I are looking to relocate next year. We are both in our late 30s - we are very sociable and looking to move to an expat area. Any tips …

Urgent: Looking for Karl-Heinz Hirth  Not rated yet
He emigrated from Germany to Tenerife a few years ago and I have only two of his further addresses in Tenerife, but they seem to be not the current one. …

Visiting Lunar Paisaje Not rated yet
http://fr.wikiloc.com/wikiloc/view.do?id=11623648 We would like to do this walk but we are not good walkers. Can we really arrive with our car to the …

Walking Poles Not rated yet
I will be based in Puerto de la Cruz for a walking holiday in February. Where can I buy walking poles in the town or general area?

Possible Scam? Not rated yet
I am in 'discussions' at the moment with a group who I suspect are trying to pull a scam. They are targeting people who have dealt with (and been ripped …

Excursions Not rated yet
Are there any trips that go up Teide and then continue to the North? I did it by car in 86 and remember how fantastic it was to see the two sides and their …

Native Lizards Not rated yet
We have seen a native lizard here. His eyes are closed so struggling to move about. Have put down a hot gel pack which he seems to like. How else can I …

Accommodation Not rated yet
I'm looking for a cheap accommodation from 6 to 13 December for one person. Who can help me out ?

Los Cristianos Carnival Not rated yet
When is the Carnival in Los Cristianos in 2017?

Get About Not rated yet
Hi. I need a battery cart to get from a to b. Do I need a permit or licence for this? Are they road legal?

Which Area To Stay In? Not rated yet
I'm trying to choose the best location for a villa for a group of 7 early 30s ladies on a hen do for 3 nights. Flying into the south airport. Want to have …

Hole In The Wall Not rated yet
Has anyone got photos of inside the Pub Hole in The Wall Tenerife around 2000?? I think this is the Irish Pub my friends & I spent many a fabulous night …

Looking For Holiday Let Not rated yet
I received a request, via feedback, from a lady requiring a long holiday let and I advised her to post a question, using this facility. She had problems …

Venue for New Year's Eve Celebrations Party of 5 Adults Age Range 54-75 Not rated yet
I'm visiting Tenerife for New Year for the first time (usually visit in November & May) ...looking for advice for New Year celebrations ...bringing the …

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Open Arms Bar Not rated yet
Could someone confirm if the Open Arms Bar under the Hotel Jardin La Caleta is still open. Also, is the barman Steve still there? Trying to contact him …

City Hall Granadilla Not rated yet
We have to visit City Hall in Granadilla de Abona. What hours are they open? Can I find a location Map? Gracias and thank you. Brian Pearce.

Buying a Car In Tenerife Not rated yet
Hi:-) I am trying to buy a classic car in Tenerife. Looks like a good deal but I am afraid of a scam. Basically I need someone trustworthy to see that …

Nursing Homes? Not rated yet
Hi, my grandmother has lived in Tenerife for over 35 years but she is now unable to take care of herself due to dementia. Please could you tell me if there …

Football for Kids Not rated yet
We have an apartment in Los Cristianos & are coming out tomorrow. My 8 year old son is going to miss his football training. Do you have any sessions available …

Sports Activities Enquiry  Not rated yet
Hi, I would like to start up beach football activities on Los Cristianos beach and was wondering how to get permission for the go-ahead. Thanks, Andrew …

Catholic Mass in Las Americas at Easter 2016 Not rated yet
What time is mass at Easter Sat or Sun in the church Our Lady of Guadaloupe in Las Americas?

Solicitor's Address Not rated yet
Can you tell me the address of a solicitor called Ruben Padron Perez in Las Galletas area? Thank you.

Road Tax Due in Torviscas Alto Area? Not rated yet
Could you please tell me when my road tax is due? Confused, as some sites Jan till end of Feb and others May till June. Do I have to go to Adeje? Cheers, …

Death Certificate Not rated yet
I am trying to obtain a copy of a death certificate of my late sister-in-law who died in Tenerife in 2003, whilst on holiday. She was cremated there and …

Internet Cafes Not rated yet
Are there plenty of internet cafes where we can print boarding cards off? We are staying Hotel Columbus.

How To Matriculate a Car Not rated yet
Hi, first of all, I would like to thank you very much for give us a lot useful information about Tenerife. We just moved here last Dec. from Taiwan. Would …

How Long This Will Go On? Not rated yet
We also were frauded by these Pakistanis, in the bottom floor of Iberostar hotel. My mastercard was copied and charged for 399 euros. No-one should ever …

Bus Route Not rated yet
Can you get a bus from the airport south to Calleo Salvaje?

Electronic Shop Scam Not rated yet
What are the authorities doing about the scam artists in the electronic shops?

Opening on Sunday 3rd January 2016 Not rated yet
We arrive in Los Cristianos at 7pm on Sunday 3rd January will there be shops and restaurants open at that time? Bob

Tenerife Football Team Not rated yet
Where can you buy tickets for CD Tenerife football team and how much are they? We're coming out in January and February could you let me know thank you. …

Child Seats in Taxis and Minibuses Not rated yet
We will be visiting Tenerife and will order a minibus from the airport. Is it a legal requirement that a child seat is fitted for infants under 2 years …

Christmas Not rated yet
Can you please tell me if bars and restaurants are open as usual Christmas Day and are there buses running.

Ann Ridofo  Not rated yet
I am trying to trace my aunt who moved to Tenerife from Plymouth Devon approximately 13 years ago. Her name is Ann Ridolfo & would be about 80 now. If …

Airport Security Not rated yet
What increased security has been implemented on flights departing from Tenerife?

Tenerife Toilets and Paper Flushing Not rated yet
I know that this is a bit of an "earthy" question, but this is a genuine question. Can you tell me if there are specific areas of Tenerife that do not …

Ko Transformers Not rated yet
Looking for a good toy shop that sells knockoffs.

Champagne Delivery Not rated yet
Where can I order champagne to be delivered in Tenerife as a gift?

Elvo Not rated yet
Hi, as I have said, plan to go to Tenerife to live, am having holiday in Dec 15 and March 16. What would I have to do to obtain residence, would I need …

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Elvo Not rated yet
Hi, am thinking very seriously about moving to Tenerife in 2016 (house being valued). We are both in our 60s with a small dog who are looking to long term …

Health Care in Tenerife Not rated yet
When my husband retires we want to move to Tenerife for good. Will the health care cover us for existing or previous illnesses as my husband has had a …

Bar Closures in Los Cristianos Not rated yet
Hi. When I was in Los Cristianos in March this year, the Big Ben pub and adjoining bars were shut down because of a structural defect. Can someone tell …

Dancing Urban  Not rated yet
Where in tenerife can you find places to go out and enjoy hip hop and urban music?

Looking for driving job Not rated yet
Hello everyone. My name is Miroslav. I am loking for a job as driver on Tenerife. Thank you very much for your information. Kind regards, Miroslav. …

Rent a Motorhome Not rated yet
Hi I have a problem to contact companies who rent motorhomes in Teneriffe :) I have sent multiple messages but without answer. Do you have any contacts …

Busking Not rated yet
Hi, I'm a guitarist who's playing a lot of flamenco and I want to do a bit of busking during my stay in Tenerife. Problem is I've tried searching the internet …

Rubén Padron Perez Not rated yet
I am trying to get in touch with a solicitor in Las Galletas called Ruben Padron Perez - could you let me know a contact number or an email address please. …

E Mart Not rated yet
I am looking for the address, telephone number and e-mail address for E Mart, based in Playa de Las Americas. Do you have it? Thanks Tel …

Buddhist People on Tenerife Not rated yet
Do you know any person(s) on the island who is/are Buddhist? I am looking for connections.

Mobility Scooters Not rated yet
Could you please give me the name and telephone number of the shop hiring Mobility Scooters on Avenida de Espana just along fron the Pheasent Plucker bar …

Taxi Driver or Courier Not rated yet
How to become a taxi driver in Tenerife and work/live there? Currently a courier in Edinburgh Scotland. Had holidays in Tenerife - loved it.

Electronica Not rated yet
Who is the official dealer of Clickonica tablets in Playa de Las Americas?

Questions About Bars Not rated yet
Can you please tell me where I might find family-orientated cabaret in Las Americas. Ernest.

Property Rental Not rated yet
If studying in Universidad La Laguna, is it convenient to rent an apartment in Tabaiba? It's such a nice place and I have found very good offers in tha …

Questions About Holidaying in Tenerife Not rated yet
What can happen to a 16 year old drinking and smoking if caught by the police?

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