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Gambling in Tenerife - three different ways to win!

On this page, I'll deal
with three different
aspects of gambling
in Tenerife.

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This is, of course, honest-to-goodness, grown-up gambling and Tenerife has three main Casinos, situated in Santa Cruz, Puerto de la Cruz and Las Americas respectively.

blackjack winning hand


bingo ticket
Yes, folks, your actual "eyes down for a full house" bingo! Believe it or not, bingo halls are found throughout the island, plus the game is also popular in hotels and timeshare complexes.

The Spanish Lottery

There was a Spanish lottery in existance for years before the UK one started up. La Loteria is big business and, when you see those men and women sitting on a street corner with a collection of tickets held together with a bulldog clip, that's what they're selling.

Spanish lottery ticket
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