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Pub Brujas El Fraile - a live heavy rock venue

pub brujas el fraile

If you didn't know this venue existed, you'd never know it was there. "Brujas" (meaning "witches" in Spanish), styles itself as a restaurante and cerveceria. The latter term is sort of the equivalent of the UK's "pub", so, thus, it is known to some as Pub Brujas.

Not strictly in Las Galletas, it is found just near the area of El Fraile, which is on the main road between Las Galletas and Guaza.

It is literally in the middle of nowhere - well isolated from any residential areas and it is this that enables it to put on very loud live music till very late at night.

The venue is a very popular one for bands to perform (those that know about it anyway). The accent is very much on rock music and, if you go, be prepared to hear tracks from all the famous heavy rock bands - Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Deep Purple etc. - all performed at full volume.

If you're one of those people who likes to listen to something like "Sweet Caroline" accompanied by a backing track, then this venue is probably not for you!

There are other musical forms featured, too, such as jazz funk and reggae. The live music generally begins at around 11pm or midnight and can go on till 3am.

On the last Friday of every month, the bar holds a "jam session", where any visiting musicians can get up and do their thing.

As stated above, the venue features a restaurant, open for meals during the evening leading up to the live music. The bar section includes a stage with room for an audience of up to 200 people.

Bar prices, I'm lead to believe, are pretty reasonable.

For more information, telephone (+34) 922 733569

To find this elusive venue, exit the TF-1 motorway at junction 26 (signposted Valle San Lorenzo/Guaza/Las Galletas). You need to be on the TF-66 road taking you through Guaza.

Stay on this road, going straight on at any roundabouts. Watch out for a Repsol petrol station coming up on the right. You need to turn down a dirt road immediately before this (there's a small, delapidated, white stone building at this point with "Restaurante Los Fogones" on it). Carry straight on down this dirt road and, eventually, you'll see Brujas, on your left.

pub brujas el fraile

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