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Lomo de La Jara Campsite - quite basic

The Lomo de La Jara campsite is found up in the north of the island, nestling, like so many others, amongst the pine forests.

Consisting of little more than an open area within the trees, it is situated in a place called Las Lagunetas, a protected area just south of the village of Agua-Garcia, which itself is south of the town of Tacaronte, across the TF-5 north motorway.

As is stated on the main "Camping" page, facilites at these various Tenerife campsites vary considerably. In this case, you have merely a clearing in the forest, with no amenities to speak of.

Covering an area of some 1,500 square metres, this campsite offers no fresh running water, no toilets, no showers and no wheelchair access.

There is, however, parking space available. So, you turn up, pitch your tent and pretty much fend for yourself.

Of course, you'll find there the obligatory "recreation area", open until 7pm in winter and 9pm in summer.

The telephone of the site manager is 922 577149.

It is not possible to reach this campsite using public transport. To find it in a car, you need, firstly, to be travelling along the TF-5 north motorway.

Exit at Junction 17 and get onto the TF-228 road, which will be signposted for Aguagarcia and La Esperanza.

Stay on this road for a good while. Watch out, eventually, for a sign saying "La Esperanza" and "Cruz Chica" to the left and "Ravelo" to the right. Take the right turn and, after passing through the village, you'll come to a crossroads with a church on the left.

Take a left there, which will put you onto TF-286. Take the next right, then, not further along, the next left.

You're now getting amongst the pine forests. Follow the road you're on, till you arrive at a junction. Opposite, are two roads, forking off. Take the right fork, follow this road for a while and you'll come to Lomo de La Jara, on your right.

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