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La Karina 2 Tenerife - a superb restaurant and live music venue

la karina 2 tenerife

This is the second of the mini-chain of La Karina restaurants, also situated in Las Americas. (Okay, there are, in fact, only two of them!)

Operating by day as a restaurant, it becomes, in the evening, a live entertainment venue.

Food is served every day from 11am right through to midnight and, I can assure you, it is of excellent quality.

Try the succulent steak dishes, or spare ribs, or the "special" garlic chicken.

As well as finding the food really good quality, when you get your bill, you'll find it's really good value, too.

All the waiters are attentive, friendly and efficient. For those of you with young families, the restaurant is child-friendly as well!

For those of you seeking something other than a superb meal, the bar is equipped with a giant TV screen, on which major sporting events are shown, including Premier League matches.

Why not enjoy a drink while you watch - you'll find that they're pretty good value, too.

Come the evening, the live entertainment begins. Appearing every night is a chap from Bulgaria, I understand. I don't have any more information about him, I'm afraid. As the bar has, in the past, leant towards providing live music of the country and western variety, this might still be the case.

Also, it used to feature line dancing, which was always very popular. Whether it still does, well, you'll have to pop along and check.

Live music begins at around 8:30 and goes on till 11:30.

At La Karina 2, you'll be assured of a great time.

To find the restaurant, from Avenida Antonio Domingo, look for Commercial Centre Caribe. To the right of this, there is a pedestrian walkway called Paseo Chinyero. La Karina 2 is along there.

Alternatively, this walkway can be accessed from the other end, on Avenida de Las Americas, just opposite the Mare Nostrum Resort.

la karina 2 tenerife

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