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drop inn tenerife

Situated just across the street from the huge timeshare complex Palm Beach Club is this restaurant and entertainment bar. Established for many years, it is Spanish owned and run, but provides British entertainment every night.

It is many years since I've been in the Drop Inn (touting for work - as it turned out, unsuccessfully). I don't remember it as being very large inside, but that might be my memory playing tricks.

Also, I don't remember it having a terrace area, with its entrance being straight onto the pavement. I've seen, however, on a forum, that there has recently been a new terrace area installed, from which, apparently, there are good views of the ocean.

I was also a bit uncertain regarding opening times for this venue (not much use for this bar, am I?), but I've found on yet another forum a comment that it is nice to visit during the day, when a good selection of snacks are available. Certainly, in the evening, there is a full menu on offer and the venue functions as a restaurant.

It is, however, the nightlife we're concerned with and the Drop Inn presents live entertainment every night of the week.

Currently (as far as I know), there is a resident compere in the shape of Ricky Menzies. He is a singer/guitarist and does a nice line in country and western/easy listening.

Each night, he introduces the guest cabaret. During busy times of the season, there will be two acts on offer. When things are quieter, profit margins dictate that they can only employ one. You'll be treated to a wide variety of tops acts, including tributes.

Entertainment kicks off at 9pm and the Drop Inn's own Facebook page states that things begin with karaoke. The two live acts occur at 10pm and 11pm, so, if Ricky is the compere, he'll have his work cut out to perform anything himself!

Many customers have praised this establishment, saying that they visited it many times during their Tenerife holiday.

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