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Netto In Tenerife - not for much longer!

netto in tenerife

The Netto stores found in England and Wales are actually part of a Danish company called Dansk Supermarket Group, as are those found in Germany, Poland and Sweden.

The ones in Spain, including Tenerife, though using the name, are independant from this Group and are owned by the Spanish company DinoSol. This is the company famous for the HiperDino hypermarkets and they are gradually rebranding all their Netto stores to being called DinoSol.

This can only benefit the consumer, because the Netto store was notorious for being expensive and aiming to fleece tourists. HiperDino, on the other hand, is much more competitive and aimed at locals as much as visitors.

Because I used to live in Los Cristianos, there were two branches of Netto that I knew of in the area, which I understand have now made the transformation.

One is located on the opposite side of the road from the Arona Gran Hotel and used to be known, a few years ago, as Mas a Menos. No doubt residents and frequent visitors to the town will remember it fondly, as it was an excellent supermarket, with a good range of products for reasonable prices.

Then it suddenly became Netto - and was awful. The main problem was its range of products - or lack of.

Most recently, it has metamorphosed yet again to DinoSol and there is a significant improvement.

Opening Times

NB: These times are according to the DinoSol website. I've walked past this supermarket on a Sunday and it's been open.

Contact: 922 788593

The other is found in the Apolo Commercial Centre, the large building just by the main roundabout at the top of Los Cristianos.

Opening Times

Contact: 922 798976

The official DinoSol website and the Spanish Yellow Pages seem to offer conflicting information on other stores for either DinoSol or Netto in Tenerife. I'll give you the two websites and you can check them out yourself:


Spanish Yellow Pages

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