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Meson Los Monjes - a rustic oasis in central Santa Cruz

meson los monjes

For a restaurant situated in the centre of Santa Cruz, this is charmingly rustic, both inside and out.

The attractive interior features white stucco walls with brown wood shuttered windows, in which there are a collection of tables, all with pristine settings.

Owned and run by veteran chef Benigno and his partner Irene, this restaurant has been a major gastronomic landmark in the city for many years.

The cuisine is generally Spanish, with major Basque and Castilian overtones. Delights on the menu include venison kebabs, partridge with chicory and hake stuffed with crab.

The restaurant is also known for its selection of cheeses and collection of Iberian serrano ham, which can be seen hanging from beams throughout the dining room.

There is also a very well stocked wine cellar, with all bottles kept in a special room to maintain them at the correct ambient temperature.

This is a haven for gourmets, yet, because of its unpretentiousness, it attracts people from all walks of life, from high powered business people, to blue collar workers.

There's a unique feature, too. As well as choosing from the menu, in the normal way, you can just stipulate "meat" or "fish" and leave the chef to create something based on that to pleasantly surprise you.

All food is prepared to order, using only the freshest ingredients.

There are three separate dining areas and the staff and management take care to give every customer professional and friendly treatment.

Opening Times

For reservations, telephone (+34) 922 246576

The restaurant is situated on a narrow street called Paseo Milicias de Garachico, which is off a one-way street from the Cabildo de Tenerife building, leading past the artificial lake on your right.

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