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El Medano - a famous windsurfing centre and also a laid back tourist destination

The town of El Medano is found on the southeast coast of the island. Mention it to anyone who knows and they will say "windsurfing". Indeed, the town is famous as a windsurfing centre, owing to the persistant, year-round windy conditions - ideal for this sport. More details on this can be found on my windsurfing page.

But, this town is also a bona fide tourist destination, albeit less so than the famous resorts of Los Cristianos and Las Americas further along the south coast.

Because of its windsurfing and surfing reputation, El Medano is quite a laid back place. Here, you won't find the usual tourist trappings of "English" pubs, British cabaret acts or tourist shops, selling either cheap rubbish or very expensive rubbish. Life in this cosmopolitan and - let's face it - cool town is peaceful and easy going.

The town boasts, amongst its five beaches, the longest in Tenerife. You'll find that they are surprisingly uncrowded.

You can be guaranteed a place to sunbathe and there is the ever-present cooling breeze. Over on the extreme east of the resort is Playa de la Pelada, one of Tenerife's most popular nudist beaches.

Eating Out

The resort offers a good selection of restaurants:

  • La Farola
    On the seafront along Paseo Marcial Garcia, this restaurant serves Galacian cuisine.
  • El Timón
    In the same area, this is a fine tapas bar.
    Telephone: 922 176601
  • Playa Chica
    Another eating place on Marcial Garcia, serving superb tapas.
    Telephone: 922 177294
  • Jungle Lounge Bar
    Popular with the surfing dudes, this serves up vegetarian fare, but done in such a delcious way, you'll not miss the meat!
    Telephone: 922 179895
  • Yaiza
    A typical restaurante tipico, in that it's a bit rough and ready, but the food is great!
    Telephone: 922 178952
  • Siete Mesas
    Its name means "seven tables" and it has just that. A small restaurant that is definitely "cool".
    Telephone: 659 989597
  • Agua Viva
    With great views of the sea filled with the windsurfers, an excellent family-friendly restaurant.
    Telephone: 922 179064


No raucous cabaret bars here! Oh no. The accent is, once again, on "cool" and you can chill out in bars, while listening to the mellow sounds of jazz, soul and funk.

A good bar to try for an early evening drink is Flashpoint, over at the western end of the resort. For chilling out later into the night, there are places such as Manfred's Soul Cafe, Jeip and Que Pasa, all around Plaza Roja on the east side.

Don't Miss...

An unobtrusive cave on the outskirts of El Medano was the home of a certain Hermano Pedro. His name means "Brother Peter" and, as it suggests, he was a religious man. He was, in fact, an honest-to-goodness saint! He lived in the cave many years ago, working as a goatherder, before making his way to Cuba and then Guatemala.

A tranquil place worth visiting, there is a sign pointing to it, just near La Tejita beach.

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