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Agatha Christie In Tenerife

Agatha Christie in Tenerife. It is reasonably well known that the famous mystery writer disappeared for eleven days at the end of 1926. A search was launched and there were fears for her safety. For a time, it was thought that she might have been murdered.

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The author eventually turned up, out of the blue, claiming that she'd suffered a bout of amnesia. Some cynics suggested that it had all been a publicity stunt to boost book sales.

Now, wouldn't it have been great if it had been subsequently discovered that she'd been in Tenerife? Alas, that's not the case; her whereabouts during those 11 days remain a mystery.

What is known, however that she spent some time in Tenerife after her reappearance, to escape media attention.

Whilst on the island, she wrote "The Mystery Of The Blue Train" and some of her collection of short stories, "The Mysterious Mr Quinn". She even mentions Tenerife locations in her story "The Man From The Sea".

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