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The Grocery Counter (Verdulería)

"Half a kilo of..." - "Un medio kilo de..."
(Substitute "cuarto" for "medio" if you just want a quarter kilo.)

Apples, oranges, bananas, melon - manzanas [man-San-ass], naranjas [na-RAN-hass], platanos [PLAT-a-noss], melon [mel-ON]

Green grapes, red grapes - uvas blancas, uvas negras

Lemons, limes, pineapples, peaches - limones, limas, piñas [PEEN-yas], melocotones [mellocot-ON-ess]

Tomatoes, cucumbers - tomates, pepinos

White/red onions - cebollas [ce-BOLL-yas] blancas/rojas [ROH-hass]

Red/yellow/green peppers - pimientos rojos [ROH-hoss]/amarillos [amma-RIL-yoss]/verdes [bair-dess]

Potatoes, carrots, peas - papas, zanahorias [sana-or-EE-ass], guisantes [ghee-SAN-tess]

Cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts - coliflor, brócoli, coles

Parsnip, swede, cabbage - pastinaca [pastin-ACK-ah], colinabo [collin-AH-bo], col

The Meat Counter (Carnicería)

Mince - carne picada

Beef, pork, chicken - vaca [bacca], cerdo, pollo [poll-yo]

Lamb chop - chuleta de cordero

"Can you cut this up, please" - "Puede usted cortó esto, por favor"

Steak, stewing steak - bistec, filete [fill-ETT-ay] de guisado [ghee-SA-do]

Sausages - salchichas

Duck, turkey, goose - pato [PATT-o], pavo, ganso

The Fish Counter (Pescadería)

Cod, haddock, tuna - bacalao, merluza, atun

Mackerel, sardines, salmon - caballa [cab-AL-ya], sardinas, salmón [sal-MON]

Lobster, crab - langosta, cangrejo [can-GREH-ho]

Prawns, shrimp - gambas, camarón

Mussels, octopus - mejillones [meh-hill-YO-ness], pulpo

"Can you remove the bones" - Puede usted quitar los huesos

"Can you fillet this fish" - Puede usted cortar este pescado

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