Scamming Shopkeepers

by T. Nagel
(Newcastle England)

My wife and I have just returned from Tenerife having been scammed by one of these Asian shops for £2689 - we were unfortunately unaware of these 'Asian Scammers' and have since researched this issue since we returned from Tenerife. We are aged 78/70

My question: Are the police aware of this problem as web sites like TripAdvisor are awash with complaints from people who have been 'scammed' by predominately Asians and except for advising people to be aware of this issue - can you recommend an organization in Tenerife who are able to address this problem and perhaps have some redress against the shops that carry out this evil.

My wife and I do not intend to ever return to Tenerife - we love the beautiful island but you are unable to walk anywhere without someone trying to sell something. I am afraid widespread publicity of this problem will make people look elsewhere for a holiday.

We have visited Italy a number of times and never encountered this problem and therefor unless this issue is tackled at the highest level by the authorities in Tenerife - tourism will rapidly decline to your wonderful island.

Should appreciate your comments and recommendations on this issue.

Mr.T. Nagel.


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