Scammed in Tenerife

by Sheila and Phyllis

My sister and I just returned from Los Cristianos where we had a wonderful time...that is until our last day. We went into a little tobacco shop on the beachfront, can’t remember the name, to purchase some tobacco for my nephew. The store assistant then asked my sister if she would like to buy a Google tablet for only 29 euros. After careful consideration she decided it was a good deal. In order to get a two year warranty from the store of her choice in the UK she had to pay an additional 68 euros. Total cost was now 97 euros, but could we come back later that evening as we would have to go to his other store 5 mins away to get it changed into English, and get a tax free form for the airport.

We went back to the condo and did our packing as we were leaving the next morning, and returned to the store at 8pm.
This is where it gets interesting. He took us to another store all right, but in Adeje. No name above the store, but right next door to a restaurant called the Pheasant Plucker. He dropped us off and another gentleman called Gary (of Indian, Spanish decent) so he said. We were totally pressured into purchasing a satellite TV box, and if we took it he would throw in a satellite telephone as well. We thought we had hit the jackpot, as they cost a fortune, but no we then had to pay for an had sat card which would cost us 19 euros a month for 7 years, then we would own it. However, if we paid it outright we wouldn’t incur any interest and we could use this anywhere in the world!! Sounds good right? Well, after paying him €5,928 euros, €1385 in cash the rest on two of my credit cards, we got our goods. They turned out to be an Android tablet, a cheap Alcatel Android phone and an x96 mini Android box. No satellite anything!!
Of course we didn’t realise any of that until we got home and tried to hook it all up. We had no instructions, no receipts, no proof. The cash is gone, the credit card company are filing a dispute (they said it is not fraud because I authorised the transaction).
I have no idea if we will get any of it back, but I just want everyone to know that they shouldn’t deal with any of these bandits. It is a very costly experience!
PS We are both in our seventies, it would appear they prefer to swindle older people.

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