Information Needed on a Scam Shop in Los Cristianos

by Don

Does anyone know the address of the Phone Care Factory on the seafront in Los Cristianos? It is an Indian shop which unfortunately sells fake tablets. They lure you to see The Boss in Playa Las Americas, sells you a reputed Google streaming service which costs £2,000+. They tell you the deposit is only accessible by Google, and will not be taken from your account for 12 months. The money was taken out within 2 days! Of course, the final transaction was a rushed affair on our last day in Tenerife, carefully orchestrated to drag out things until we had to leave for the airport. We had been given a glass of water? I think it was doped as we would never have been so gullible. The Bank is trying to not refund, saying we had given our pin number.
How can you buy anything without using the card reader? The details were obviously cloned in their card reader!

Any help would be very gratefully received. We are both in our late 70s, and cannot afford to lose this money. We have had a lot of hassle changing Bank Cards, changing passwords, etc, a real strain at our time of life.

Hope some kind soul can provide info, The guys supposed names at the shop, are Jonny, Trevor, Rikki, Bossman from Las Americas Barry.

Here's hoping, Kind regards, Don.

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Nov 15, 2021
Scam at Ali’s Cristianos shop
by: Anonymous

Hope you have posted about this scam on Tenerife Unlocked on Facebook.

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