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This restaurant is actually called simply "Gran Reserva", but, as there is another restaurant with this name, in FaƱabe, the "Safari" bit is added on the end to distinguish it as a separate establishment.

"Safari", of course, is because it is yet another top-class restaurant situated on the top floor of the Safari Centre in Las Americas.

The venue has an opulently appointed inside room, seating around 60 customers. There is an equally plush outside terrace with space for a similar number, should you wish to dine al fresco.

As you arrive at the restaurant, you will be met and greeted and showed to your table.

Once seated, you'll be brought bread with dips and olives. Be aware that these are not complimentary, so, if you don't want these on your bill, tell the waiter before he has the chance to bring them.

The restaurant specialises in Spanish and Canarian cuisine, but the menu also features other international dishes.

All types of meat and fish are available and, on numerous forums and review sites, the restaurant's steaks are reported as being the best - always beautifully cooked to your liking.

Chef Agustin Alvarez has been perfecting his craft for over 30 years and his creations are as much works of art as gourmet dishes.

On offer are such delights as steak in bearnaise sauce with Canarian potatoes, sea bass cooked in a salt crust and mixed kebab of veal, chicken and bacon in barbecue sauce.

Starters are pretty eclectic, ranging from the exotic Costa Brava mussels in tomato and garlic sauce, to, of all things, the old British favourite, prawn cocktail!

The restaurant is family-friendly, too, providing a children's menu.To accompany your meal, there is a quality selection of Spanish and French wines.

All staff are friendly, welcoming and professional, not to mention multilingual - very useful in a tourist area like Las Americas.

Opening Times
Fri & Sat5pm-1am

For reservations, telephone: (+34) 922 796115

The Safari Centre is directly opposite the Mare Nostrum resort, a prominent building in Las Americas.

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