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Apr 25, 2012
Response from your webmaster
by: John

Hi Angela,

Relax, you're not infringing any submission guidelines.

From my experience, finding work as an entertainer when first arriving on the island is really difficult. However, I was looking for "resident musician" jobs, whereas I imagine your friend would be more "guest cabaret act".

That second option is by far the most lucrative as, if you're quick, you can fit in as many as three different venues in one night! Acts normally perform a set of 45 minutes to an hour. They use the venue's PA and, back in my day, minidisc player.

Of course, as I said above, you have to find the work first. You've not made it clear in your question whether you'll be just visiting the island and J G would like a few gigs whilst you're there, or you're planning on moving to Tenerife permanently.

I suppose, in either case, he'll need a professionally produced CD or DVD to tout round all the various cabaret bars. It does require a lot of legwork.

Regarding how much J G would get paid for a gig, I can only refer back to what I used to get (back in the 1990s remember), which was between 70 and 90 euros.

Good luck with your venture!

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