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christian worship in tenerife

There are several Roman Catholic and Anglican churches that conduct services in English - and some independant ones that embrace more than one Christian faith.

CHRISTIAN WORSHIP IN TENERIFE: Roman Catholic English-Speaking Churches

Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Found in Los Cristianos, not easy to miss - it's got its own square as you walk into the centre of town.

Under the jurisdiction of Father Juan Felix, there are masses held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.00pm, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.00am and Saturdays at 7.00pm. There is a so-called "Youth Mass" on Sundays at 9.00am. Services are in both Spanish and English.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Every website that refers to this church says that it is "behind the Tax Office" in Playa de Las Americas. Well, that's fine, as long as you know where this "Tax Office" is. The Hacienda Administacion is on Avenida del Arquitecto Gomez Cuesta. This is in the vicinity of the Parque La Paz strip of bars. With this on your left, you walk up the road, cross the roundabout going straight on and you should see a large, white building called the "Zentral Centre". The tax office is just after that. Go down the pathway to the right of this and there's the picturesque church you're looking for. There is an English language mass every Sunday at 10.00am under the jurisdiction of Father Manuel Izquierdo.

The Holy Spirit Church

Found right in the centre of Los Gigantes, in the square, this beautiful church is as worth a visit for sightseeing as much as worship and, indeed, for this purpose the doors are open to the public every day during daylight hours.

There are communion services every Thursday at 10:30 am and every Sunday at 6pm.

Nuestra Senora de la Piedad

For those of you in the north seeking Roman Catholic Christian worship in Tenerife, this church is in Puerto de La Cruz and is found opposite Hotel Monopol, which is within the mostly pedestrianised area of Calle Quintana, in Puerto de la Cruz. There is a mass held every Sunday at 10.00am.

christian worship in tenerife

CHRISTIAN WORSHIP IN TENERIFE: Anglican English-Speaking Churches

The next four churches listed here come under the jurisdiction of south Tenerife's Anglican Church of St Francis. The minister is the Reverend John Poole and you can peruse their website at .

San Eugenio Anglican Church

This is found in the area of Playa de Las Americas called Pueblo Canario, specifically on the Avenida de Eugenio Dominguez. The best way to direct you is to suggest you aim for the imposing, tall building of the Iberostar hotel, Bouganville Playa. With the hotel to your right, walk down the street, which is partially pedestrianised, and you'll come to this red-brick church on your right.

Their Christian worship in Tenerife consists of a holy communion with hymns every Sunday at 10.15am. Although recognised as a place for Anglican worship since 1991, this is church is used also by the Roman Catholics and German Lutherans.

After the services, there is a Christian fellowship meeting at the nearby Zumeria, Viva Mariana, where everyone can sit and chat over a drink.

San Blas, Golf del Sur

This picturesque little whitewashed church is really only convenient for people actually staying on Golf del Sur. Nevertheless, if you want to get there via the TF-1 motorway, exit at Las Chafiras and Golf del Sur is just nearby. The urbaizacion is constructed as a giant one-way ring road and, wouldn't you know it, to reach San Blas, you have to go all the way round it. Watch out for the sign for San Blas, as you'll have to get into a filter lane.

Services in English occur at 12 noon every Sunday, all year round.

The Holy Spirit Church

Yes, this is the same one as mentioned above, in the Roman Catholic section. The church is actually of that denomination, but also holds some Anglican services.

There is a holy communion with hymns every Sunday at 6.00pm and every Thursday at 10.30am. After the Thursday service, there is a gathering for anyone who wants to attend at the nearby restaurant Asturia, for a chat over coffee.

The Scandinavian Church

Yes, I'm dealing with English-speaking Christian worship in Tenerife - bear with me. Found in Puerto Colon, on the first floor, facing the Marina, this is not a conventional church. Indeed, from the outside, it looks like just another shop! Look for signs Skandinaviska Turistkyrkan/Iglesia Evangelica Escandinava or Evangelische Freie Gemeinde.

There is an English language service held every Wednesday evening at 5pm, with the accent on singing of hymns. After the service, everyone is encouraged to meet up in a recreation area for coffee and home-made cakes. 

Google map reference: 37H8+3P Costa Adeje/International  Telephone:  922 781069
International Christian Fellowship Tenerife (ICFT).

All Saints Church

This church, whose first stone was laid in 1890, is found in the Parque Taoro area of Puerto de la Cruz. Since 1964, it has come under the Anglican diocese of Gibraltar.

There is Holy Communion on Sundays at 9.30am, a sung Eucharist at 11.00am. On Wednesdays at 10.00am, there is Holy Communion. All services are presided over by the resident Chaplain, Mike Smith.

christian worship in tenerife

CHRISTIAN WORSHIP IN TENERIFE: Independant English-Speaking Christian Places of Worship

Tenerife Family Church

This is a place of Christian worship in Tenerife with three seperate meeting places. The first is Coral Mar Square, Costa del Silencio. If you go down the steps to the basement level, it is over in the far left corner. This is every Sunday, at 10:30am. You can then find them Sundays, at 6:30, at the Winter Gardens Resort, Golf del Sur and, also at 6:30, at The Living Room, Las Americas. Directions to all three locations can be found on their website.

contact details:

Telephone: 609 565 528

South Tenerife Christian Fellowship

This church occupies a large area on the first floor of the Apolo Commercial Centre, quite a prominent building in Los Cristianos.

To facilitate Christian worship in Tenerife, the Fellowship was inaugurated back in 1986 and moved to its current premises in 1991. Due to the constantly increasing size of the congregation, the Fellowship purchased extra locales over the years, until now, the main church can accommodate 400 people.

Services are every Sunday at 11am & 6pm (with a communion during the evening one). On Tuesday evenings at 7pm, there is "Prayer, Praise and Pastries". 5pm on Thursdays sees a bible study class and on Fridays between 2:30 and 3:30, there is prayer in the Living Room.

Also the church is open and staffed daily, from 11am-1pm and 5pm-7pm, to assist locals and visitors.

The Fellowship's website can be found at .

Cristianos Community Church

This is an Evangelical Interdenominational Church, based in the hotel Princesa Dacil, in Los Cristianos. Entering the hotel, you find the lounge, then from there, go down some stairs to the video room.

Services are every Sunday at 11am, conducted by Pastor Adrian McBride.

After the service, there is a fellowship meeting in the hotel gardens, for a talk over coffee.

International Worship Service

This is found in a building called Edificio Verodal in the centre of Los Cristianos. Every website mentioning this place says that it is "behind the Post Office". The trouble with this is that the Post Office location now isn't what it was some years ago. Try as I might, I can't find the actual location of Edificio Verodal, so I'll tell you where the Post Office is, these days and also where it used to be. The two locations are in the same area, so, with a little exploring, you might be able to spot Edificio Verodal.

First of all, walk from the main Los Cristianos traffic lights, down the hill towards the town centre. Just after the BP petrol station, turn right and keep straight on. This is Calle Montaña Chica and becomes quite a steep hill that eventually curves off to the left. After a short walk, on your left, you'll see a green-fronted cafe called Esencias. At the far end of this little row there is a supermercado. That's the old premises of the Post Office. If the Verodal building isn't behind there, continue up the hill until you see, on your left Edificio Nirvana. Opposite that, there's a street running off (Calle Roque de Jama). A few yards along there, on the left, you'll see the Post Office, where it is today (yellow sign Correos). Good luck with your search!

This venue holds an English language service on Sundays at 5.30pm, under Pastor Joseph Szabo.

Calvary Assembly International Church

This is a church found on the road heading into Buzanada from the TF-1 motorway and is bilingual Spanish/English.

It's quite easy to find. Exit the motorway at the "Guaza" exit, then take the road going the opposite way from there, which will take you up a hill, leading to Buzanada. You'll see the church at the top of the hill, just before the roundabout.

Services are 11am Sundays and 7pm Wednesdays, under the jurisdiction of Pastor Baz Eatwell.

Callao Salvaje Community Church

This is a small, non-denominational church found in the small town of Callao Salvaje, on the coast road from Las Americas to Los Gigantes. Now Callao Salvaje's street layout is a bit like a maze. The church is found in the Commercial Centre Sueño Azul, which is on Calle Nivaria. Trouble is, this street name covers at least ten streets in an area near the sea, some of which are pedestrianised.

I think this is the best way to find it. Travelling along the TF-47 coast road that links Las Americas with Los Gigantes, watch out for the Callao Salvaje turn-off. (If you're travelling from Los Gigantes, make sure the turn-off you take is a roundabout - there may be others signposted before this.) Get on the road heading for Callao Salvaje you end up on and stay on it.

Watch out for, on your right, a big hotel complex called "Merlin Resort" and turn right immediately after this. You'll then come to a roundabout and should take the third exit. Follow this road round till you come to a mini roundabout. Turn right here and there'll be a collection of shops on the right. The church is there.

Services are every Sunday at 11am, including Communion and there is a prayer meeting with Bible study every Wednesday at 7:30pm.

North Tenerife Christian Fellowship

This is an independent Evangelical church that uses the Scandinavian Church in Puerto de La Cruz for its meetings. Services are conducted by Pastor Ken Holdman, from the USA. For times of these, you should phone on (+34) 922 351011.

It is found just off Calle del Doctor Ingram (yes, that's actually the name of a street in Puerto!), which is one-way. Along here, you'll see, on your right, a main post office (Correos), quite a large building. There's room to park along this road.

There's a walkway at the left hand side of the post office building and, up there, you'll see the church. There's lettering on it, saying "TURISTKYRKA".

christian worship in tenerife

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