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The TIC Newsletter -, Spring, 2017
April 01, 2017

Hello everyone, especially those of you who have just signed up and this is your first newsletter. Well, spring is here and, for UK residents like me, we put our clocks forward last Sunday. For some reason (at least while I was living there), Tenerife does it too. I never managed to figure out why that is, but there you go.

Easter in Tenerife

The middle of April sees a very important religious event occur in Tenerife - Easter. For such a devout Roman Catholic country, everywhere in Spain celebrates this to excess - not the least Tenerife. There are a number of notable events, all of which are worth attending.

A couple go on for a few days, over Easter week. We have the Holy Week celebrations in Guimar, from 10-14 of April. There are three major processions during this event: Lunes Santo (Holy Monday) on April 10, the second on April 12 and the biggest one - the Magna, which begins on the morning of Good Friday at the Santo Domingo Church, with the actual procession in the afternoon.

The second multi-day event is the Easter Floral Festival at Guia de Isora. Lasting from April 14 to 16, it consists of elaborate floral displays lining the town's streets, depicting Christ's journey through Jerusalem to his crucifixion.

There are three single day events that, unfortunately all occur on Good Friday (April 14), so if you're into this sort of thing, you'll have to choose. Firstly, we have the Representation of The Passion, quite a famous event taking place in Adeje. This depiction of the death and resurrection of Christ takes place in the streets of Adeje and anyone can join in, provided they have registered with the council. If you fancy it, you can register here.

Then, there is the Good Friday Magna Procession, in the town of La Laguna. Beginning at 5pm, this is an extremely impressive affair and well worth attending, if you can.

Finally, we have the most eerie event of all - The Procession of Silence, also in La Laguna. Lasting from 10pm till midnight, the city turns off all its lights and the religious brotherhoods, dressed in hooded capes, illuminated only by candle light, pass silently through the streets, save for an ominous drum beat.

Food & Drink Prices and the Exchange Rate

As I've said many times, "Food & Drink Prices" is one of the most popular pages on my site, for obvious reasons. This is especially true for UK residents, now that the Brexit negotiations are under way. Currently, on this page, it says "Prices correct as of May 2016", which suggest they may have become out of date. Well, Alison and I were in Tenerife back in November last year and prices, when I checked, had pretty much stayed the same, which is why I didn't bother updating the page. However, we're due to visit again at the end of this month and I'll be taking a full inventory, including, for those people doing self-catering, supermarket prices for various foods. The page will subsequently be updated.

Regarding, for UK residents, the exchange rate, which has suffered considerably since the UK voted to leave the EU, I still maintain that you will get a better exchange rate on the island than here in the UK. I did have a Facebook comment on this recently, from a lady who had taken my advice and left it till she was on Tenerife to change her money, only to find she could have got a better rate back in the UK and she said she was sorry to have taken my advice. I can only say that, in my experience, the rate is better on the island. But, please, don't go to banks or the reception where you are staying to change your pounds. Their rates will be rubbish. Use the exchange places dotted liberally around the tourist areas. You'll recognise them from the notice boards outside, listing the rates for all currencies. Last time I was in Tesco, they were offering €1.10 to the pound. When we go at the end of April, I'll check what they are offering there and report back.

A New Way To Rob You

Sorry to have to touch on an unpleasant subject, but you need to be aware of this latest trick employed by thieves. If you hire a car and are cruising along the TF-1 motorway, you may suddenly notice another car alongside you, whose occupants are frantically pointing at one of your tyres and indicating for you to pull over, implying that you have a flat tyre. That's just a ruse to get you to stop, so they can stop too - and steal from you. If this should happen to you, ignore them and just keep going. You have been warned!

Well, that's about it for this newsletter. By the time the next one goes out, on July 1st, your humble webmaster will have become what's called in the UK, an "old age pensioner". Doesn't time fly??? Speak to you again in the summer!

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