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The TIC Newsletter -, Autumn, 2016
October 01, 2016

The Magic of Tenerife - issue #42
October 1st, 2016

Hi everyone! Welcome to the TIC newsletter, Autumn 2016. A special welcome to all new subscribers. As we will be considering the next three months on Tenerife, that will include Christmas - which, let's face it, still seems ages away. So, let's see what's happening leading up to the end of the year.

For Lovers Of Astronomy

For those of you who are into stargazing, you're probably aware that Tenerife boasts very clear skies which are ideal for this sort of activity. Indeed, the island is home to a world-class observatory. Now, there is a company offering the so-called "Magic Teide At Night" tour. You are picked up mid-late afternoon and taken up Teide, stopping at various places on the way. You get to watch sunset from above the clouds, accompanied by a glass of Cava, then, after sunset, your guide will talk you through all the different constellations. Price is €79, which includes a three-course meal. It appears to be a weekly excursion, every Tuesday. You can investigate further at .

Music Events

For those 1950s rock 'n' roll fans out there, there's a two-night festival happening Oct 14-15 at the Panoramica Garden Hotel in Los Realejos. The Vulcan Rockers Tenerife features eight bands, combined with DJ sets. There is also a Hawaiian themed party. Tickets are €25. More info at .

Now, for fans of a totally different type of music - soul/funk - the superstar American band Earth Wind and Fire are paying Tenerife a visit. On Saturday, Oct 22, they'll be performing at the Piramide de Arona in Las Americas. The show starts at 9pm. For tickets, just search online.

Finally, for those who are into the band Dire Straits, one of the original members, Chris White, who played sax and percussion in the band for the ten years since 1985, will be in concert in Tenerife. He won't be alone, though. He'll be joined by six other world-class musicians to provide an evening of quality rock music. Taking place at the Magma Arts Centre, Las Americas on November 26, the show begins at 9:30pm. Tickets are €40, from .

Sport Events

The UNICEF charity race is taking place for the second year running on October 2nd. Hosted by the Hotel Sheraton in La Caleta, this begins at 10am and entrants have a choice of a 5km run (entrance €12) or one of 10km (entrance €16). Competitors receive a goodie bag which includes a t-shirt and food and refreshments will be provided.

Tenerife is known for its annual car rallies, and on October 21st/22nd, we have possibly the most prestigious one. The Subida Arona, or La Escalona International Rally takes place on the winding mountain roads around the Arona area. Drivers from all over the world converge on the island to show their skills. For more info, visit the website: .

Another running event, the annual Tenerife Marathon (Maraton Internacional Santa Cruz de Tenerife), occurs on Sunday, November 6th. There are three distances to choose from - 8, 21 or 42km. For more info, visit the website .

The Exchange Rate

This bit is really just for Brits - those who'll need to be changing pounds into euros. In the wake of the vote for Britain to leave the EU, the exchange rate has got pretty bad for us. When I was last in my local Tesco's, they were offering a mere €1.11 for £1. Now, on the "Money" page on my website, I strongly advise changing the majority of your pounds while you're actually in Tenerife. I usually change about £100 before I go, then change more as I need it. Well, thanks to a comment posted on the "Money" page, this is verified. Pat posted on September 22nd that her daughter had just got back and the exchange rate she got whilst there was €1.17! So change your money on the island. (Just don't use a bank.)

What's Happening In December?

Er...let me think...oh yes! Christmas! So, there's the traditional Canarian way of celebrating this event, which is presented in detail on my website. However, if you are holidaying on the island over the Christmas period and want a more British type of celebration (stuffing yourself with an enormous Christmas dinner, for example), you'll find many British tourist bars offering just that. Trouble is, you have to book well in advance, so, if you're still in your home country, you'll need a way of contacting your favourite bar/restaurant. If they don't have a website, they may have a Facebook page with a contact phone or email. If you are in self-catering and want to cook your own dinner, you may have trouble finding things such as sprouts. My advice would be to try any of the Iceland supermarkets (details of their locations are, once again, on the website). That was where we finally found sprouts one year after trying everywhere else. As you won't be receiving the next newsletter until the New Year, I wish a happy Christmas to those of you who celebrate the event and happy holidays to everyone else.

That's all for now. Speak to you again in three months!

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