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The TIC Newsletter -, Summer 2015
July 01, 2015

The Magic of Tenerife - issue #37
July 1st, 2015

Hello everyone! I think there have been a few signups since the last newsletter, so to all you "newbies", welcome. Alison and I made one of our periodic visits to the island last month, so, in due course, I'll be adding some new pages and updating some old ones.

I've discovered a new place to go clubbing that I didn't know about, so that'll be added to the site's "Clubbing" page. There are going to be some new pages on places to eat. But, possibly most importantly for you (as this is a very popular page), I'll be updating "Food and Drink Prices". As a teaser, I can tell you that, surprisingly, the prices of a supermarket can of cider and 200 cigarettes have gone up considerably.

Anyway, all new pages and updates will appear in the TIC blog, so, if you subscribe to that, it'll keep you informed. Similarly, if you follow the TIC on Facebook or Twitter, these notifications will appear there, too.


The Great Electrical Store Scam - Part 2

This disgraceful practice was spoken of at length by me in the last newsletter, but it still continues apace. For those of you who have just signed up and this is your first newsletter, you can read about it here. The word needs spreading. If any of you use social networks (and I bet most of you do), please post about it and urge your friends to share or re-tweet.

Another method these people use to steal money off tourists that I've discovered is this. If you pay by debit card, they put the card into the machine, then get you to enter the PIN, then say the machine is broken. Somehow, they still manage to make a massive withdrawal without your knowledge. It is only when you get home and check your bank balance do you realise. Your bank is powerless to help you as the transaction was PIN -authorised! I'll be adding this to the "Warnings and Advice" page in due course.

It can't be said enough - NEVER GO ANYWHERE NEAR THESE SHOPS.

Anyway, that's enough of that nastiness.


What's Happening Over The Summer?

Through the summer months, there's quite a selection of musical events.

For those fans of musicals amongst you, the Andrew Lloyd Webber production Evita will be coming to the Auditorio de Tenerife from the 4th to the 7th of this month. The only possible drawback for you is that it's to be in Spanish! (Understandable, really.) Shows begin at 9pm, with a matinee on Saturday and Sunday at 6pm. Ticket price ranges from 30-40 euros and they can be obtained from the Auditorio itself, or by phone on (+34) 902 317327.

There are a couple of music festivals scheduled during this period. First we have the Sunblast Festival 2015, which begins at 3pm on July the 25th and goes on till 4am the next morning. Taking place at Golf Costa Adeje, many top European and Ibiza DJs will be in attendance and tickets start at €65!

Next is the Arona Summer Festival, now in its fifth year. Once again, an amazing line-up of international DJs will be there and this one beats the previous one as to how late it goes on till, as it starts at 8pm on August the 7th and ends at 5am next morning! Venue is the Antonio Dominguez Olympic Stadium, Las Americas. Tickets cost €40.

Now, for those of you who are not necessarily seasoned "clubbers", there are two showbiz events worth mentioning.

Tom Jones, of all people, is coming to Tenerife! Yes, on August the 28th, he'll be performing at the Recinto Ferial Santa Cruz. The concert starts at 10:30pm. There are a whole range of ticket prices, according to how pampered you want to be when there. €65 is the basic one, going up to the "Golden VIP", at around €200 which involves a pre-party with dress code and a raffle where the prize is to meet the great man himself.

From one extreme to another, the indomitable Roy "Chubby" Brown is making one of his frequent visits to the island. For two nights (25-26 of September, he'll be performing his unique brand of avante garde comedy at the venue Showtime, Karting Club Las Americas, Costa Adeje. Tickets are €35 (€30 if you are a resident). Doors open 8pm...and it goes without saying that it is strictly over-18s only.


Anyway, that's about it for now. See you in the autumn.


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