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The TIC Newsletter -, Autumn 2014
October 01, 2014

The Magic of Tenerife - issue #35
October 1st, 2014

Hi everyone! Welcome to the TIC autumn newsletter. A special welcome, too, to all those of you who have signed up since July and this is your first one.


Amended Info On The TIC

Here are a few corrections to information on the site, provided by TIC visitors:

First off is the demise of one of the most high-profile bars on the Patch in Las Americas, the Drunk 'n' Duck. After the untimely death, at the end of 2013, of Steve Powell, one half of the resident duo, Two Risky, I wondered about the future of the bar. The venue did carry on entertaining holidaymakers, apparently, until recently, when it was closed down, due to a problem with its licence. That's still the situation as far as I know.

Next, for those of you wishing to investigate the gay scene in Las Americas, your options have been severely reduced. I'm reliably informed that all the gay bars and clubs in the Salytien Complex are now closed down. The only gay venue remaining appears to be the Playaflor Chill Out Bar.

Finally, another club that I feature on the site has, apparently, been closed down for a few years. Discoteca Basilica El Convento is in Santa Cruz.


The Exchange Rate - good news for Brits

Even if you're not a UK resident, you may have heard about the recent Scottish referendum. In the run-up to it, a "yes" vote began to seem possible, which would result in an independent Scotland. Because of this, the value of the British pound plummeted. The eventual victory of the "No" vote immediately created a huge recovery of the pound's value and financial forecasts predict that it will continue to rise. So, all you Brits planning a Tenerife visit, leave it till the last minute to get your euros!


A Tip Regarding Taxis

The last time Alison and I were in Tenerife, instead of hiring a car at the airport, we just caught a taxi, in the normal way. However, when we were about to leave for the airport, to come home, the girl in the office of our complex said we could pay her the taxi fare and she would give us a slip of paper containing a reference number, to give to the taxi driver. A lot more convenient, as I think you'll agree - and it cuts out any option for the driver to overcharge. She then said that we could also use this option from the airport, the next time we came out. We had to email her when we knew our dates and she would email us back the reference number. Once at Tenerife airport, we had to present this at an office (location of which, as yet, unknown) and they would take payment and organise the taxi. So, maybe it would be worth seeing if this facility is offered at the place you'll be staying in!


Anyway, that's about it for now. We're going to be visiting the island before the end of the year, so, by the next newsletter on January 1st, 2015, I'll have made sure my page on food and drink prices is up to date and may have a few more things to add to the site. See you then!


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This is John signing off. See you in three months!

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