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The TIC Newsletter -, Summer 2013
July 02, 2013

The Magic of Tenerife - issue #30
July 1st, 2013


This is your genial webmaster John with the latest Tenerife Information Centre Newsletter!


During the three months since the last newsletter, Alison and I have taken an 11-day break in Tenerife. We went from the 31st of May until June 11th and, for those of you who are UK residents, you'll know that this is exactly the period when the British Isles enjoyed some superb summer weather. The moment we returned, the climate reverted back to the usual grey skies, showers and blustery wind. Ah well.

Anyway, despite the fact that our holiday was intended primarily as a period of relaxing and doing nothing but eat, drink, read books and watch TV, I did make a note of current food and drink prices and have subsequently amended the page on my site.

Most prices have just increased a little (maybe 50 centimos). The biggest change was in cigarettes. My brand, Royals, used to be just under 17 euros for 200. Now they've gone up to 22. It's still far cheaper than what you pay in the UK.

For those of you who are frequent visitors to the island, you'll probably be aware of the exchange kiosks dotted all about the place. Now, I know, if you shop around, you can find the best exchange rate, but it'll usually be only a gain of something like one centimo. Generally, during our recent visit, the rate was 1.14 euros to the pound. I remember the good old days when one pound got you 1.50 euros. That's a big difference and a sign of the times, I suppose.


Now, on the subject of taxis, I've mentioned on my site's "public transport" page that some drivers can try to rip off tourists. Well, at the Tenerife South Airport, as you emerge from arrivals, directly opposite is a sign detailing the official fares to major towns throughout the island.

I made a note of them and have since posted them on the public transport page.


Still regarding the south airport, ever since the smoking laws were introduced, the place has never featured anywhere that you can sit and enjoy a drink, with a cigarette to accompany it. Until now, that is. Outside the terminal building, around halfway between arrivals and departures, there's a bar with a small interior, but a large outdoor terrace. So, the upside is, for people like me who smoke, we can sit on the terrace with our drink and puff away to our heart's content. The downside is that, as you'd expect, the prices are extortionate. A pint of beer was an unbelievable 4.25 euros! A half was even worse, at 3.50.

Alison had initially wanted a gin and tonic, but they had no tonic. What kind of bar has no tonic? Her second choice was cider, but, guess what? No cider either. We visited this bar in the early evening and were sat on the terrace as the barman began to close the place. The time? 8pm.

Despite its shortcomings, though, it's still a useful place for smokers who want to enjoy a cigarette with their drink.


Want To Appear On TV? (UK only)

I have recently been contacted by someone from an independent TV production company who are currently preparing a new show for the BBC and are looking for volunteers. Here's her message:

Boundless Productions are currently making a new series for the BBC called ‘Escape to the Continent’ – a format of the successful series ‘Escape to the Country’ currently on air on the BBC.

This series sets out to help couples and families move from life in the UK into other parts of Europe. As part of a nationwide search we now are looking to find people who are thinking of relocating to the Canary Islands.

Whatever your dream property; whether it’s a vibrant family home, a cosy rural retreat or a renovation project, we want to help guide you through your search.

The new show will feature many of elements of ‘Escape to the Country’ but offer a unique and exciting look at countries and regions throughout Europe as well as properties available across a broad range of budgets. Filming will take place in the UK and abroad in September and October.

If you are currently living in the UK and would like to be involved, you can do any of the following options:

Visit our ‘Be on a show’ page for an application here.

Or email your name, telephone number and a little bit about your move to:

We look forward to hearing from you!


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This is John signing off. See you in three months!

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