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The TIC Newsletter -, The Magic of Carnival
February 01, 2013

The Magic of Tenerife - issue #27
February 1st, 2013


This is your genial webmaster John with the latest Tenerife Information Centre Newsletter!

In this month's issue, we'll be taking a look at:

- Carnival Dates
- The Tenerife Train
- A New Style Newsletter?


Carnival Dates

Because of when Easter falls, this year, the month of February means Carnival! Here's as much information I could get on some of the main ones:

Santa Cruz

Theme: Bollywood

6th: Election of Carnival Queen
8th: Opening parade
17th: End of Carnival

Puerto de La Cruz

Theme: The World of Comics

7th: Election of Carnival Queen
13th: Burial of the Sardine
15th: "High Heels Marathon"
16th: Main Parade

Los Gigantes

Theme: Not confirmed


Los Cristianos

A closely guarded secret


The Tenerife Train

I mentioned the Tenerife train in the last newsletter, in which I stated that a project was in the pipeline for a train linking the north and south airports. In response to an email from one of my subscribers, I looked into this in more detail and found that it's not as simple as that.

Various sources say different things. There may well be two train projects - north and south. The south train will link Santa Cruz and Adeje, via AƱaza, Candelaria, San Isidro and the south airport. The north route is a bit sketchy, but will also start from Santa Cruz and may reach as far as Los Realejos.

It is still uncertain if it will be a monorail, or a train running on regular track.

The project has been plagued with problems of finance. Central Government on the mainland is reluctant to part with the huge sum required and the change of Government in 2011 didn't help either.

We'll just have to wait and see if the project gets underway and Tenerife eventually gets its own train.


A New Style Newsletter?

Seeing as it's the start of the New Year, I'm wondering whether I should revamp the old newsletter a little bit. Give it a bit of a makeover. So, as you've been so kind as to subscribe to this monthly bulletin, I'd like to ask your advice. At the moment, I just list a few events that are happening at the time each newsletter is sent, things that you may not be aware of. Would you like it to contain a different sort of stuff? If so, what? Would you like it to contain images, as well as text? If so, I'm sure that can be arranged.

I'd appreciate your advice and I'll try to put any suggestions you come up with into action. To help out in this way, just reply to the email address at the top of the newsletter. Thank you in advance.


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This is John signing off. See you next month!

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