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The TIC Newsletter -, The Magic of 2013
January 01, 2013

The Magic of Tenerife - issue #26
January 1st, 2013


This is your genial webmaster John with the latest Tenerife Information Centre Newsletter!

In this month's issue, we'll be taking a look at:

- Tenerife, 2013
- Fiesta de San Sebastian
- Cirque du Soleil


Tenerife, 2013

Happy New Year, everyone! And it seems that, for Tenerife, 2013 is destined to be an especially happy one.

Despite Spain's economic crisis, the holiday island is still doing well in such areas as employment, tourism and construction projects.

In the south, especially Adeje and Arona, employment actually went up in 2012 and looks like it will continue to do so this year. In a bid to attract prospective purchasers of property, the Government is offering attractive tax deductions. Tourism was very healthy in 2012 and looks set to continue to improve. The island regularly attracts, as well as Brits, large numbers of Germans, Scandinavians and Russians - not to mention mainland Spanish.

Major construction projects are still in the pipeline, such as the ring road encircling the island and the Tenerife train, linking the north and south airports.

With regard to the arts, Tenerife is becoming more and more a port of call for world famous recording artists to perform, plus there is a trend for major films to choose Tenerife as their location. Following Clash of the Titans, it was used for The Fast and the Furious 6.

So, against the odds, the tiny island in the Atlantic continues to flourish.


Fiesta de San Sebastian

On the 20th, there takes place a fiesta in Adeje that's well worth going to see if you're in the area. San Sebastian is the patron saint of protecting animals from disease and the fiesta reflects this. Beginning at around midday, it centres round the church at La Caleta, where there will be loads of bars and stalls.

There is a mass held in the church, then an effigy of the saint leads a procession down to the sea at Playa Enmarada, behind the Hotel Riu Palace. This is where the good bit starts. A huge group of men on horseback ride their steeds into the sea and give them a good old swim, symbolically cleansing them of disease.

It is a major attraction for both locals and tourists and has been known to be attended by as many as 30,000 people. A good day out!


Cirque du Soleil

This world famous troupe comes to Tenerife this month, performing at the Parbellon Insular de Tenerife Santiago Martin, in La Laguna.

The show, entitled "Alegria" (Spanish for "jubilation") is played out against the passage of time, from ancient monarchies, through to modern democracies and is sure to contain all the dancing, acrobatics and music for which the Cirque du Soleil is renowned.

The show runs for one week, the 13th to the 20th and begins at 5:30pm. Tickets cost 33 euros.


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