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The TIC Newsletter -, The Magic of Gospel, Markets and Christmas Trees
December 02, 2012

The Magic of Tenerife - issue #25
December 1st, 2012


This is your genial webmaster John with the latest Tenerife Information Centre Newsletter!

In this month's issue, we'll be taking a look at:

- A Canarian Festival of Gospel
- A Christmas Market in Adeje
- Where to Buy Christmas Trees and Decorations


Festival Gospel Canarias

Now in its seventh year, this festival celebrates gospel, together with soul, funk and rhythm and blues.

It is presented by the London Community Gospel Choir, under the direction of Bazil Meade, who has been described as the "father of British gospel". There are also other, more local, gospel groups appearing.

The festival is touring the Canary Islands, with two dates in Tenerife. Firstly, they will perform at the Teatro Leal in La Laguna on Wednesday the 5th, then the Auditorio Infanta Leonor in Los Cristianos on Thursday the 6th. Both events begin at 9pm.

Tickets are available from the two venues and cost 15 euros.


Adeje Christmas Market

This takes place over three evenings - the 30th of November, then the 1st and 2nd of December. The name "market" doesn't do it justice, as, in addition the the market stalls, there will be musical perfomances, carol singing and entertainment for children.

If you're feeling charitable, take along any food and games you don't need. The Red Cross will be gratefully collecting any such items for redistribution to those less fortunate.

The market is situated in the car park adjascent to the Escuela Municipal de Musica de Adeje. I'm afraid I can't be too definite regarding its location, but it's somewhere near a roundabout, which can be accessed by taking the first exit from the roundabout at the end of the TF-1 motorway, then the first exit at the next roundabout. The next roundabout you come to is the one in question.


Christmas is Coming!

Before the next newsletter, Christmas will have come and gone. You'll, no doubt, be aware of the significance of the poinsettia plant in Tenerife and Spain in general. These can be purchased from any florist.

If you're wanting to decorate your apartment in the traditional Christmas way, however, you may be curious about where to obtain Christmas trees and decorations.

Apparently, the so-called "Chinese Shops" stock all this sort of stuff. These places are the equivalent of the UK's "Pound Shops", or the USA's "99 Cent Stores" and stock all manner of things - some, admittedly, a bit rubbish, but some items of better quality, at reasonable prices.

These can be found all over the place, and one such store can be found in the Valdez Centre of Los Cristianos, opposite the bus station.


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