The Plague of the "Lookie Lookie" Men

by Morris Guy
(Brixham - Devon - UK)


Having visited Tenerife many times and thoroughly loving the island, may I comment on our recent visit (Feb 2011).

The growth of "lookie lookie men" has become a real nuisance to the visitor. There is now also a small army of Chinese vultures patroling the streets!

They have become a constant irritation to the visitor. The days have become a constant barrage of these people harrassing you with their wares. It is not even possible to enjoy an evening meal in a restaurant without constant interference and annoyance.

Having spoken to many visitors it would appear that not only our party found this to be a problem. They seem to operate with complete immunity and their numbers have risen to intolerable levels.

After our latest visit we have decided to look elsewhere for our future holidays. I am sure we will not be the only visitors making this decision!

On our final day we counted the number of times we were interupted in our activities. The total was 134. Enough is enough!!!

Mr Morris Guy

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