Scammed out of Euro 3986.00 Puerto Colon December 2015

by Brian Cole
(Shevington UK)

Tenerife is a magnificent holiday island however infested by the worst type of vermin you can imagine.

I am a 66 year old disabled pensioner who has been scammed out of a large amount of money whilst on holiday with my wife near Puerto Colon Tenerife. On 2nd December I went by taxi to the taxi rank at Puerto Colon and descended 2 flights of steps to the promenade below. At the bottom of the steps and before exiting onto the promenade there is a small electrical shop at the back of a towel store on the left and run by an Indian man called John. He approached me to buy a Samsung tablet. I said I was interested for my wife's Christmas present and he took me across the aisle to another electrical counter selling tablets and cameras and introduced me to another Indian man called Sam. I purchased a Yashica tablet from Sam and was told that I would be collected from my hotel on Friday 4th December when I should bring my passport so as to obtain an Insurance cert. and a duty free certificate to be able to export the tablet.
On the Friday a car with John and another Indian collected me from my hotel but took me to another shop situated around the corner from the original shop.
On arrival I was met by the so called owner of the electrical shops and taken again to the back of a towel shop. He kept me waiting for over an hour then came with what he called the insurance form and a certificate for customs.
He then stated that his company were the Vodafone agents for Tenerife and he showed me a number of forms but in Spanish. He asked me if I was interested in a Vodafone contract and I told him that we had a contract that would end in 2016. He asked me how much the contract is costing and I told him. He then said that he could set us up with a new contract including new phone, mobile wifi, extra memory and equivalent to Norton. This would cost us UK£14 per month until a contract sum of Euro 398.60 would be paid. The payment would be by debit for the £14 starting in Jan 2017. Everything seemed to stack up and I gave them my debit card to set up the deal. They said the Vodafone network would begin on Monday 7th December and a contract from Vodafone UK in English would be at my home by Wednesday 9th.
However when I arrived home my bank account was heavily in overdraft as this despicable bunch of people had taken Euro 3986.00 from my bank account. Also Vodafone UK state that these people are not their agents in Tenerife and they could never sell such a contract in a foreign country.
I feel that I am a fool for allowing myself to be defrauded by this scum. However I am extremely disappointed that my bank Santander allowed such a large sum to be taken from my account by a bogus company in a foreign country. I feel this because we never told Santander that we would be outside the UK so surely they should have got in touch with me before releasing this sum. I have tried to find out how to contact the Fraud department at the police in Tenerife but cannot find out how to contact them.

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