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Railway Tavern Tenerife - a nice, basic British pub

The Railway Tavern Tenerife is an out-and-out British pub and the accent is on drinks rather than food.

Situated on the road at the top of Patch, to the right, underneath Hotel Las Palmeras, it is quite tiny - just a square-shaped room, but more than makes up for this with the offer of a friendly welcome.

To be honest, I'm not actually sure if this bar is open during the day, but, as this report is really concerned with nightlife, I don't suppose it really matters.

It is a family-friendly bar and customers will be amused of an evening by a modest entertainment programme. Up-to-date information is a little sketchy, I'm afraid, so I'll give you details of what I've uncovered from a year or so ago.

It is reasonably well known that radio DJ Andy "Big Chief" Fullabull reports in one night a week to present a fun music quiz. He's been doing this for years, so I see no reason to think that he isn't there now.

One website I've found states that, two nights a week, the bar presents comedians - and they're likely to be tribute acts like Freddie Starr or Billy Connolly.

I apologise for this brief page. I can't even tell you how late the bar opens, but I have been in the place myself on more than one occasion. It's a nice, basic, British bar, where you can enjoy a quiet, relaxing drink in convivial surroundings.

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