Possible Scam?

by John T
(Cumbria, UK)

I am in 'discussions' at the moment with a group who I suspect are trying to pull a scam. They are targeting people who have dealt with (and been ripped off by) Club Class timeshare. They are saying that they are taking Club Class to court and will recover a large amount of compensation from a case which is very likely to be won. They say they will only take 20% of any compensation, but that the 'procurator', who actually takes the case to court, needs a fee of around €1000. Can you tell me if there in a case pending in the Santa Cruz courts for 15th November 2016 in court number 6 at 13:20. I am pretty sure that there is not, but it is difficult to confirm.
Your help would be appreciated.
John T.

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