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Osaka Restaurant La Orotava - a stylish Japanese restaurant

osaka restaurant la orotava

Osaka is an eatery that promotes itself as a Japanese restaurant, but also features on its menu dishes from China. There have been some assertions on various review forums that Osaka is really a Chinese restaurant and calls itself Japanese to appear more "upmarket". As I've never been there to eat myself, I thought I'd better investigate further.

Based on what I've gleaned from different Internet sites, here's as detailed and accurate a report as possible.

The restaurant is open for both lunches and dinners and, on entering, you'll find a very stylish dining area, with clean lines and rich, darkwood furniture. The decor features generic oriental influences and there is the nice touch of bamboo placemats on each table setting.

As regards the menu, to answer some of those claims that it is primarily a Chinese restaurant, there are a whole swathe of Japanese dishes available. (A page of this menu appears on the restaurant's Facebook page and I counted no less than 72 choices!)

From what I gather, you can choose sushi, in the traditional manner, from a conveyor belt, but it is also possible to select fresh ingredients and have them cooked for you to order, in a wok.

For reservations, telephone: (+34) 922 324318

The restaurant will happily cater for groups or parties and also offers a takeaway delivery service.

Japenese restaurant is found in a suburb of La Orotava, on Calle Calados, which is not all that far from the TF-5 north motorway. It is a one-way street, as are most of the surrounding thoroughfares.

Exit the motorway at junction 36 (signed TF-333/TF-320/La Vera). If from the east, take the third exit from the roundabout at the end of the slip road; if from the west, take the first exit. You then, pretty immediately, come to another roundabout, where you should take the fifth exit. You'll then find yourself on a road running parallel to the motorway. The next right turn will be Calle Calados. Towards the far end of this, you'll see Osaka, on the left.

osaka restaurant la orotava

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