Ora Holiday Club /Agency Scam

by David

Ora Vacations took 1,200 euro deposit to join their holiday club on 7/5/12. I went back next day to cancel but was told I cannot as there was no cancellation agreement and I could not get a refund of my deposit. This is illegal by EU law, so why is this company allowed to trade in Tenerife, Costa Adeje? I have taken legal action and been in touch with my bank to reclaim the money but should not have stopped in the beginning as the company are doing illegal practices. I have also been on any and every site it warn people about them.

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Ora Vacations

Got full refund off Ora Vacations with help of Spanish Trading Standards, so cancelled section 75 I had with Visa. Ora been on phone twice this week saying Visa are still taking deposit out of their bank and can I help sort this out or they will get police. They rip hundreds of people off then expect me to help them. Mugs!

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